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ISSUE 05: The Weekly BMX and Dirt Jump Newsletter | 12 JAN 2019

Hi Guys,

Apologies for the delay since the last edition of this newsletter, Christmas has been a very busy time. A lot has been going on in the world of cycling in the past few weeks. Danny MacAskill is back on the scene with a wonderful new video. There has been two big announcements from two popular riders that will surprise a lot of you.

As always, if you have anything to say about this week's newsletter please feel free to reply.

Have a great week!
Michael Scott


Quoted From @harrymain Instagram page:


My time at Mafia bikes it’s done! I learnt a lot about myself over the time we worked together. We are heading in different directions & I could not be more excited to get back to Riding!

Thanks everyone who supports me & is there to guide me! Through the ups & downs of the Mafia partnership I do feel the experience has been eye opening in a positive way.
Thanks to everyone at Mafia bikes!

For now I’m riding this frame which is sentimental to me as my mum bought me it when I was 16! Looking forward to potentially working with new brands again in the future that share the same direction and love for bikes as me!"

Chris Doyle has recently announced his retirement from professional BMX riding. He will still be involved in the world of BMX, although he won't be getting paid to ride any longer. The following is a quote from Chris's Instagram.

"Just to clear the air a little bit. It's true that I am no longer riding professionally, in that I no longer make money riding a bike. HOWEVER, I will still be active in the BMX community. I will still be riding and posting pics/clips here, I will still be doing my podcast, Palaver BMX (go follow that), and will continue to do commentary/expert analyst work for BMX events when the opportunity comes my way. I will also continue to represent Kink BMX as part of their legends team and will hopefully do a few projects with them in the future. I hope this clears any confusion. I love you. And for real, how funny is that scene from Hot Rod?! - CD"


This is a great article from Ride UK BMX, describing some of the best riders to watch out for in the 20's. These are riders that started to prove themselves towards the end of the decade, most of which don't have professional contracts but they're well on their way to making it big in the coming years.


This is a must watch for everyone. Scotty is such a nice, awesome BMX rider who had an extremely unfortunate accident. He's worked super hard and had a great recovery. This is episode 2 of his series explaining his injury and his following road to recovery.

Danny MacAskill is finally back with a new video. I know this hasn't got anything to do with BMX or Dirt Jumping but i've watched every video Danny has created since 2009 and they've all been incredible.

This new video is a play on the yearly fad of exercising early in the new year. Danny is seen in a gymnasium using all of the equipment to perform some outstanding tricks.


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