Daniel "Danny" MacAskill is a Scottish trials cyclist from Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye. He is known for his street trials / mountain bike riding, and works professionally for Santa Cruz Bicycles. In April 2009, MacAskill released a viral video on YouTube that gained widespread media attention. In the video, he performed stunts set to the song "The Funeral" by Band of Horses.

MacAskill has been practicing for several hours per day for over 12 years. He gave up his job as a mechanic to ride full-time, and currently lives in Glasgow. In June 2009, he appeared in the music video for Doves' single "Winter Hill". In September of the same year, MacAskill was the focus of a TV ad filmed by The Leith Agency for the Scottish jobs website s1jobs.com.

On 16 November 2010, MacAskill released a new video titled "Way Back Home", which was produced by Red Bull Media House. The video features locations around Scotland, including Edinburgh Castle, North Berwick, and the Cruachan Dam in the Scottish Highlands. In May 2011, Leica Camera released a promotional video featuring MacAskill in Cape Town. In August of the same year, Cut Media released a video titled "Industrial Revolutions" that was created for the Channel 4 documentary Concrete Circus.

In this video Danny travels to San Francisco to visit some of his favorite street riding spots around the city. After cutting his previous SF trip short due to a broken kneecap Danny took many more precautions in this professional trials biking video.

This video was released on the Red Bull YouTube channel under the Red Bull Media House umbrella. There have been around 10 behind the scenes videos released on Danny's channel. These are amazing videos that show how the team undertook the filmmaking and tricks all over the city. It seem that dealing with filming permits were a big annoyance.

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