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Diving into the world of BMX on YouTube can feel like an endless search for gold in a sea of content. With new videos flooding in daily, discovering channels that consistently deliver engaging and entertaining BMX videos is a challenge.

Over the years, I've curated a collection of channels that stand out for their quality, creativity, and dedication to the BMX lifestyle.

In this guide, I'll share my top picks for the best BMX YouTube channels of 2024. While my selection is based on personal preference, it's worth noting that many of these channels are also among the most popular in the BMX community.

Red Bull BMX Videos

RedBull Bike YT Channel

  • Subscribers: 2.95m
  • Videos: 1.6k
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Red Bull has created a huge name for themselves in an insane amount of extreme sports. The world-renowned energy drink isn't directly designed for any specific sport but the participants of these sports are their target audience.

Created back in Austria in 1987, Red Bull now holds the largest market share of any energy drink company in the world, with competitors such as Monster and Relentless. Over 6.7 Billion cans of Red Bull are sold yearly. That is a staggering amount.

The company sponsors a vast number of riders, most being the world's best in their fields. Red Bull has created a very smart business model in this way. It will cost them a lot to sponsor the world's best riders and most popular events but the brand value they've created in doing so is invaluable. What other company can charge the same price for 250ml as other companies do for over a litre?

If you're interested in BMX or sports similar to this and you haven't heard of Red Bull TV then you're missing out. Red Bull TV is a website and app the company has created to showcase its vast amount of content the sponsored athletes have created. They have a live channel for each sport alongside many other videos. It'll take a long time to get tired of all the content they have on there.

As well as the website and app a YouTube channel is also maintained, updating almost constantly. Unless you're looking for something specific, Red Bull's YouTube channel will be the most abundant source of videos for you to consume. RedBull is among the largest BMX YouTube channels. There are many others with short clips and amateur edits but the RedBull BMX Channel offers a huge range of professional and competition videos.

BMX Riding Dubai's Most Famous Landmarks | with Kriss Kyle

ryan taylor YT Channel

Ryan Taylor YouTube 2024

  • Subscribers: 2.51m
  • Videos: 623
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Another great rider from the UK, West Midlands to be accurate. Ryan Taylor grew up in the UK and overseas in America, North Carolina to be exact. By the age of 17, he'd gained a loyal following through video segments mainly filmed in Dave Mirra's warehouse.

His daring riding style presented viewers with some huge tricks, effortless transfers and trick combinations. The UK biking scene saw Ryan Taylor as part of the best BMX park riders in the country.

2010 presented Ryan with his best competition results, receiving sixth in the BMX Worlds, Super Ramp finals and second at the Spine mini-contest at Nokia FISE. Impressive results for such a young rider.

Since 2010 sponsors have come on board and helped him develop several signature products. These include the Tiny Taylor Rocker BMX and 'The Industry BMX Crispy', a low priced, German BMX with relatively high specs.

The YouTube channel was created around 2012, with irregular BMX videos being posted. Most of these included bike checks, BMX challenges and short riding edits. In recent years videos have been posted more and more regularly, recently turning into a daily vlog.

These vlogs portray his everyday life. Not every video will be centred around cycling but most are. Other popular video subjects include cars and challenges.


Boqer123 Josh James Videos

BQR123 / Josh James

  • Subscribers: 224k
  • Videos: 411
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Josh James and Boqer are another of the channels I watched a tremendous amount when first getting into BMX. The relaxed, friend group-oriented style of his videos was very realistic and quite amusing. The fact they are based in the UK just adds to my viewing pleasure.

Nearly all small clothing brands start in the same way. An individual or a group of friends start drawing designs for a logo and come up with a name. From there they find a way to get their t-shirts printed and finally go out and try to sell custom printed t-shirts to random people online.

Unlike 90% of the other t-shirt brands, BQR managed to find a lucrative niche in the world of BMX. The fully customized, super high-quality clothing began selling well as the YouTube channel grew. The following may not be as substantial as some of the other channels on this list but the viewers are loyal fans all sharing a mutual love for well-made BMX videos.

Similar to the Adam LZ story, the BQR crew started in the early 2010s. They created simple biking videos of themselves at local indoor and outdoor skateparks. The videos got better and better over the years but the successful premise stayed the same.

After several years running a successful business and channel, Josh was finally sponsored as a pro rider. It's safe to say you'll only see good quality riding in his videos.

Over recent years the channel has progressed away from BMX and closer to the world of cars. Unfortunately, the videos are a rare addition now but the content is still high quality and well made. If you aren't into cars I would still advise you to go back through the older videos and give them a watch.

Mouthy BMXer gets punched in the face by a scooter kid

Top BMX Websites 2024

If you'd rather do some reading instead of watching then check out this list of BMX websites.

Scotty Cranmer Best BMX YouTube

Scotty Cranmer BMX

  • Subscribers: 1.72m
  • Videos: 1.6k
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I do not doubt that anyone reading this with a slight interest in BMX has heard of Scotty Cranmer. If for some reason you haven't please read on. I'll give you a quick breakdown of his career and what you can expect when watching his videos.

Born in 1987, Scotty Cranmer progressed into a very successful bike rider extremely fast, eventually taking on the nickname 'The Bulldozer'. Like a lot of riders that grew up in the '90s, he began with racing. Soon after becoming one of the best racers in the country, the allure of his parents' skatepark had the same effect it normally does on teenagers.

Less responsibility and more fun quickly resulted in Scotty Cranmer quitting racing and dedicating most of his free time to the skatepark. After several years of improvement, the first sponsorship came in 2004 with Felt bikes.

Most of his success came in the early 2000s. Winning X-Games medals seems to have become a hobby for this guy, tied with Dave Mirra for the most X Games BMX park medals. Over a massive 14 appearances, he won 9 medals, which is crazy.

Unfortunately in October of 2016, Scotty suffered one of the worst crashes possible whilst shooting a film session with one of his sponsors. He effectively face-planted at a substantial speed, without the possibility of using his hands to break the fall.

He suffered several facial fractures, a cerebral haemorrhage, a skull fracture and significant damage to his C4 and C5 vertebrae in the spine. During initial surgeries, the C4 and C5 vertebrae were fused, and a large chunk of his skull was removed to ease the pressure.

After a very long and difficult recovery, Scotty has made an incredible recovery. He is partially paralyzed from the spinal injury but can already ride a bike again. If you want to know more about this injury and his recovery I highly recommend watching some of the videos on his YouTube channel. The recovery process was very hard but very inspiring at the same time.

The Scotty Cranmer YouTube channel is one of my favourite Vlog style BMX channels. The page is very accurate with long, interesting videos being posted every day. Scotty doesn't do the same amount of riding as he used to. Riding segments feature many of his world-class riding friends.

As I mentioned above, videos are released in a vlog format, depicting daily life, recovery and a lot of BMX riding. Definitely recommended!


Harry Main Cycling Videos

Harry Main

  • Subscribers: 889k
  • Videos: 436
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Harry is easily one of the world's best BMX park riders. He rarely performs a trick which isn't on another level. The technique and courage are insane. I'm so glad he runs his own YouTube channel to showcase this.

Born in Liverpool, 1990, he started riding at 11 years old. The popular video channel was started sometime later at 16 years old and from here the professional sponsorships arrived two years later.

Over the years Harry Main has been sponsored by some of the biggest companies interested in BMX riders. These include Monster Energy, The Wandering, Hyper, Skullcandy, Vans, Kunstform, Failure BIkes and Snafu.

The YouTube channel was definitely the catalyst for Harry's initial success. After releasing several insane BMX edits in 2009 his infamy grew practically overnight due to the videos going viral. The attention from these videos granted Harry an invitation to his first X-Games. Unfortunately, he broke his ankle before the competition and couldn't compete.

Another broken ankle plagued him the next year, a big blow for a young rider trying to make it onto the BMX scene. Luckily Harry managed to compete at Simple Session 2010 and debuted his riding on the Dew tour in 2011.

In more recent years Harry Main has only grown as a rider. Starting a biking company named 'The Wandering' in 2013 and also releasing some more viral BMX edits named 'Harrymania'.

The Harrymania videos were my first experience with Harry Main. They were incredible. His tricks and combos were insane, riding skatepark lines nobody else could've come up with. I see a lot of likeness to Drew Bezanson.

This YouTube channel is another vlogging channel. Thankfully nearly every video posted is about cycling in some form. Recently there has been an increasing amount of dirt jump and mountain biking content. It's very interesting to watch a world-class BMX rider learn tricks within a different discipline.


Spencer Foresman Woodward BMX

Spencer Foresman

  • Subscribers: 439k
  • Videos: 606
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If you were heavily into BMX several years ago then you'll have probably heard of Josh James (BQR123) and Adam LZ (LZ BMX). If you aren't familiar, these guys were enthusiast BMX riders, who started their own clothing brands and YouTube channels. LZ was the US version and Boqer123 was the British version.

Both of these guys rarely post BMX videos anymore, with Adam almost completely switching his channel over to a car page. I mention all of this because Spencer was one of the original riding members of Adam's BMX 'crew'.

Along with Robert Barranco, they began making videos around 2013/14. Originally these were just random riding clips from throughout the year. Each rider eventually created their own channel. Each channel has gone down a different path, with Spencer still making high-quality BMX videos.

His videos now resemble a vlog style rather than BMX edits. Spencer spends a lot of his time at the world-famous Camp Woodward. If you're interested in massive skatepark complexes like this then watch these videos. You get to see a lot of the facilities and some of the promising riders using them.


Billy Perry Video Page

Billy Perry

  • Subscribers: 147m
  • Videos: 460
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Another one of those riders who popped up in the mid-2000s. Billy Perry, from New York, started with BMX racing and then jumped over to riding the streets around the city. It didn't take long for sponsors to start showing interest. Volume and Demolition were some of the first big brands to snap up the new rider.

Back in early 2012 Billy Perry and his sister Melanie started a BMX apparel brand. They produce a wide variety of clothing and accessories. Everything from small keyrings and bike lights to coats, trousers and beer cosies are available, most of which feature their cool little elephant logo.

Interestingly Billy Perry has achieved a black belt in Shotokan and a 2nd-degree black belt in Kempo. Pretty impressive achievements considering these aren't even his main sports.

Now onto the channel. Unlike a lot of people on this list, Billy Perry has a really cool video format. As well as the regular vlogs and challenge videos he creates really interesting first-person edits of him and his friends riding around cities throughout the world. I enjoy this because it tells a great story of his exploration through a new place. At the same time, the point of view filming gives you a great angle of amazing cities while showing you how a top BMX rider views the things he rides.


R-Willy Scooter BMX

Ryan “R-Willy” Williams

  • Subscribers: 2.92m
  • Videos: 636
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Ryan Williams is crazy. It has to be said. I don't know where to start when describing Ryan to people who haven't heard of him.

First things first, Ryan “R-Willy” Williams was born in Australia in June of 1994. Growing up Ryan started out riding scooters at his local skatepark. It wasn't long before he took up BMXing too. He trained both disciplines at the same time and has amazingly achieved world-class skill at both sports.

Like a lot of other now-famous athletes, he was originally noticed after a video of his went viral. This stardom gained the attention of Travis Pastrana and Nitro Circus.

The crew invited him to effectively audition and he did not disappoint and it was a quick decision to invite him onto the team. Since then he has achieved many great feats while holding (or not) onto a BMX bike and scooter. Several world firsts are just some of these achievements. The first triple scooter backflip and triple BMX front flip are just some of these next-level tricks.

I really like YouTube channels like this because it gives a great insight into the life of a Nitro Circus athlete. These guys often compete against each other to do the most insane tricks on homemade (often sketchy) ramps.

Quadruple Backflip On BMX & Scooter

Nigel Sylvester NYC BMX

Nigel Sylvester

  • Subscribers: 488k
  • Videos: 37
youtube logoView on YouTube

This channel only has around 30 videos posted. Don't eagerly wait for videos on this channel.

I decided to include Nigel on this list for one main reason, his video series called 'GO'. I have included his description of this series below.

'Go' is the ultimate adventure film series that immerses you into the life of a pro-BMX Athlete, NIGEL SYLVESTER, as he embarks on an epic bicycle ride around the world.

Surprisingly the videos are way more awesome than this description implies. In each of these videos, Sylvester travels to a new city, straps on a POV camera and does the most insane stuff possible with his BMX bike. When I say 'insane' I don't mean trick wise, I mean things like riding go-karts through the streets of New York, jumping out of helicopters, flying private jets, sky-diving with a BMX, fighting sumo wrestlers, racing jet skis in Dubai and even fencing throughout the hallways of an old mansion. You simply need to watch the trailer of this series.

All these things are made even better by the immaculate video editing, fast pace and the constant use of a BMX bike throughout all of these activities. So far videos have been made in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Dubai, London/Paris and Miami.

Nigel is different to a lot of pro BMX riders in that he didn't start BMX racing and doesn't enter competitions. His brand and notoriety are a result of his social media presence. He hasn't done bad using this method either. In 2017 he was included in the Forbes '30 under 30' list for sports. ESPN featured Nigel in their 2014 'Body Issue' alongside Venus Williams and Michael Phelps.

This channel isn't one that you come back to every day to watch a new edit from the local skatepark. This is for those who want some motivation and excitement about BMX and travelling.


Fise World Champsionship Sports

Fise World Competition Tour

  • Subscribers: 60.5k
  • Videos: 2.1k
youtube logoView on YouTube

For more than 20 years Fise has brought together nearly 3,000 amateur and professional athletes from around 40 different countries. These athletes compete in BMX Freestyle Park, Flatland, Skateboard, Mountain Bike, Freestyle Roller, Parkour and other events.

Fise is a very prestigious organisation who works with several international federations around the world. These partnerships allow Fise to host official World Cups at various states of their world tour. Just to show you how worldwide this yearly tour is; The most recent tour started with a special invitational competition in Saudi Arabia, followed by a stage in Hiroshima/Japan, Montpellier/France, Edmonton/Canada, Budapest/Hungary, and a final stop in Chengdu/China.

Thankfully Fise stream all of these competitions live and post the best bits on their YouTube channels that has now amassed over 1,200 videos. While a large amount of these videos feature BMX riding of various disciplines not everyone is. There are videos representing every sport mentioned above. I would still definitely recommend adding them to your subscriber list.

Highlight SFR SPORT BMX SPINE PRO - FISE World Montpellier 2016

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