About Tresna Clothing

Hasn't everyone had an exciting, imaginative and cool idea for a new custom designed t-shirt? However, not many of us actually get to pursue these innovative and exciting new ideas... well here at Tresna, we are here to fulfil your designs and requirements to your exact needs; with our ever-expanding range of possibilities and clothing. order in bulk or large order and a considerable discount will be applied to the price– explore limitless pieces at affordable prices. Typography is a big inspiration to us and typography designs are in abundance throughout our website. Also a wide range of bmx clothing for those passionate riders among us. Let your heart run wild.

As you may know, this website was taken down a couple of years ago. Giving us time to reflect on future prospects and priorities. We realise that creating the foundation of a new business isn’t all about making money, it’s about exceeding our customers requirements, settling unbeatable standards and cementing that vital relationship between business and customer. Promoting a constant reputation, which will result in loyalty and happiness for years to come.

Our priority is YOU! Explore, imagine and create high quality, unique and sentimental pieces of apparel… our aim is to give you that blank canvas to explore new designs and ideas.