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21st July 2017        Michael Scott        BMX

best BMX grips 2017

BMX grips may not seem an important part of a bike when your building or upgrading your BMX but when you see the many different aspects a grip can have you may have a change of heart. Next time you’re looking at a new pair of bike or scooter grips make sure to look at the weight, colour, size, material and the small features that make it different from the others. Just looking at grips you wouldn’t be thinking about any of this, there are so many possibilities that I thought it would be useful to go through and make a list of my favourites, favourites of other riders online and just some good looking ones I have found along the way.

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5th May 2017        Michael Scott        BMX

best BMX fork 2017

You may be reading the title of this article and thinking “Why do I have to worry about what forks I ride, they aren’t important.” but they are in fact a very important part of your BMX. The best BMX forks will keep your bike light, strong, stable and comfortable to ride. When shopping for new bike forks it becomes hard to mistake any differences between each model. In the following list you’ll start to see that BMX forks do take a lot of thought and work to get right. A dirt jump rider won’t be able to ride at his best if he’s using a flatland style fork. For this example it’s because flatland riders like their forks to be right underneath their bars to make it easier for nose and spinning tricks. Dirt jump riders feel more stable and comfortable with larger angles.

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