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10th Dec 2018        Michael Scott        BMX

Top Dirt Jump Frames

There are a lot of different types of bike. Each biking discipline having its own style of frame and some even having subsets for further breaking down the riding style. If you frequently visit this site you’ll notice that we often talk about BMX bikes but we’ve been seeing some great dirt jump bikes and frames in 2019 so I think it’s something great to talk about.

You will often see dirt jumps being ridden by several different types of bike riders. BMX bikes are probably the least used in the dirt jumping discipline but if you watch them you’ll see them showing some crazy style. Hardtail dirt jump bikes and full suspension slopestyle bikes are the other two most common bikes being ridden on dirt jumps.

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30th Oct 2019        Michael Scott        BMX

most expensive BMX 2019

Even if I can’t nearly afford a product that I’m researching online, I always like to look at some of the most expensive products, see what the lucky few who can afford such things get to experience. BMX bikes are one of the products that can be a bit tricky to find the best of the best since they’re built from so many various parts. Unlike the most expensive kettle or laptop, there are so many ways to build a BMX bike it’s hard to find something that isn’t catered to just a specific riding style.

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