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Dirt Jump Biking Ultimate Guide

Slopestyle and Dirt jump biking was a natural progression of BMX racing, mountain biking and 4 cross racing. Small mountain bikes with or without rear suspension are used to perform tricks while flying through the air over wooden or dirt jumps.

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There are many different parts of a BMX or mountain bike. As bicycling has become more and more popular in recent years new parts and companies have emerged in succession. This fact along with the vast differences in parts for the several BMX and dirt jump/mountain bike disciplines can confuse riders a lot.

If you’re new to biking then not only do you have to find bike parts you like, parts that have a geometry that is suitable to your chosen discipline of riding but you also need to ensure the parts you’re looking at will fit your bike. Bike forks and bottom brackets are two of the hardest parts to get right. If you’re trying to build your first bike or upgrade an existing part of your bike then our Best Of articles are a great place to start. We try to give you the best advice on what to look for when buying a new part with an accompanying list of our recommendations.


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Tresna originally started with bike clothing. We tried to design and develop intricate, single coloured line drawn designs. Our product catalogue contains everything from t-shirts to phone cases and Tresna hats. Our products are printed on high-quality garments and with even higher quality screen printing and direct to garment printing machines.


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The various disciplines of BMXing, mountain biking and dirt jumping can get complicated quickly. There are so many different places to ride, ways to ride and actual riders, opinions vary dramatically. The explosion of the internet has allowed riders to instantly and easily share their opinions with anyone that will read them.

Reading thousands of opinions on whether the specific tread on a specific tire will help you ride dirt jumps better can get very tedious and boring. A great part of the internet is how many people have come up with great bike hacks or have produced a wonderful tutorial that helps thousands of riders learn a new skill or trick. We try to write as many helpful tutorials and informative articles as possible.


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Our tutorial articles are, in many ways, quite similar to our section on learning more about the sport. In that section, we aim to give more information about often overlooked parts of the sport. You will get my point if you look through some of the articles in that category.

Tutorials come in so many different mediums whether it’s a series of images, blocks of text or infographics there are always problems with getting the main ideas across to the rider. Our tutorials are regularly headed up with a simple, easy to understand infographic accompanied by easy to understand the text and informative videos that other riders have created. We think this is the best way to teach people new bike tricks since you can save/print/look at the infographic as many times as you want. Being able to see tutorials from other riders often makes a complicated move much easier.


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