Founded in 1966 by Paul Van Doren, Vans is an American Footwear and Apparel company. They initially gained popularity for a durable and stylish skate shoe, favored by skateboarders and BMX riders in the 1970s and beyond. In the following decades, Vans became a household name and expanded its product line to include clothing and accessories, as well as shoes for a variety of activities, including BMX.

In the 1980s, Vans closely associated themselves with the BMX scene. They started sponsoring riders and events, releasing special-edition BMX shoes and clothing. Today, Vans continues to support the BMX community and is widely recognized as a leader in the world of action sports.

Vans BMX Presents: Live Fast, a new three-part film series featuring Vans team riders Corey Walsh, Trey Jones, Jason Watts, Dennis Enarson and Gary Young, as well as Kris Fox and Matt Cordova from Fast and Loose BMX. Created in partnership with renowned filmer and editor Chris Gregson, Live Fast captures the free spirit of the tightknit crew in this latest compilation as they search out the best bowls, backyard pools and rideable terrain while visiting legendary spots like Ohio’s Skatopia. In part one, the crew hits hallowed ground in Ohio, which marks a first for BMX riding.

Vans Top Athletes:

Anthony Van Engelen, Geoff Rowley, Kyle Walker, Chima Ferguson, Gilbert Crocket, Tony Trujillo, Elijah Berle, Rowan Zorilla, Lizzie Armanto, Joel Tudor, Leila Hurst, Nathan Fletcher, Dane Gudauskas, Tanner Gudauskas, Patrick Gudauskas, Mikey February, Dakota Roche, Scotty Cranmer, Kevin Peraza, Dennis Enarson, Larry Edgar, Angie Marino, Jake Kuzyk, Hana Beaman, Mary Rand.

Vans also have two other videos in this series. They're all just as great as each other and absolutely worth a watch.

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