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BSD Safari Fat Seat

This Safari saddle was designed by Reed Stark and BSD. The company always make amazing products and the design is just too good to pass up.

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cheapest bmx saddle

BSD Logo Saddle

This is a simple saddle that will go with almost any BMX. The design, color and logo patch all work perfectly to make a cheap, high-quality product.

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federal mid roses upgrade pick

Federal Mid Roses

Federal have worked hard with this product. They have managed to make an all over print that is literally unique on every single item.

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BMX saddles are an essential part of a BMX bike, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. They provide a comfortable and visually pleasing extension of the top of the seat tube, as well as serve as a balance point during tricks and jumps.

Unlike other cycling styles, BMX riders do not typically sit on their saddles for extended periods of time, so the level of comfort provided is not as important.

BMX Seats are typically made from moulded plastic with three different amounts of padding: thin, mid and fat. Each style can be made with materials such as polyurethane or leather and may include plastic or kevlar bumpers to protect against damage.

Thin saddles are preferred by BMX race riders, while mid-width saddles are preferred by the park and street riders. Dirt jump riders, on the other hand, may prefer fat saddles for their stability and control during jumps.


Without a seatpost, you aren't going to be sitting on your bike comfortably for very long. Seatposts are bolted to the underside of a saddle and then clamped into the seatpost tube on the bike.

BMX seatposts are shorter than most other riding styles. Except maybe trials bikes. Unlike mountain biking or road biking, it's very uncommon for a BMX rider to be sat down while pedalling, thus making a high seat very impractical.

As you will read below, there are four different fitment types and all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Integrated BMX

Integrated seatposts, as the name suggests, are posts that are already fitted to the seat. Unless you're into modifying your own bike parts, replacing an integrated seatpost will also need a whole new seat. Unfortunately, these posts aren't adjustable and the only uniqueness between them is the post diameter. Now, this is something you really need to get right or you'll be needing your money back. Seatposts are usually made in several different thicknesses. Most park, street and jump frames use 25.4mm posts but others can range from 22.2mm all the way up to 35mm. Buying a 25.4mm post will nearly always work out okay but if you can check either on your bike or on a manufacturer's website that would be better.

ETC BMX Integrated Seatpost

etc integrated seatpost

Integrated seatposts could very easily be made at home. This product is effectively just a shiny pole that sticks into a hole underneath a saddle. This ETC-integrated BMX seatpost gives you a good 30cm to play with the height of your seat. If you're riding some flatland or need to ride while sitting down, this could be better suited for you. Amazon actually recommends this seatpost as one of the best quality integrated seatposts.

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KHE EXHIB FAT Pad Saddle Seatpost Combo

khe seatpost combo

KHE are a great BMX company, manufacturing many high-quality products worth buying and using. This is their integrated seatpost and seat. If you didn't understand fully how the integrated seatpost looked or worked before, this is a perfect representation. This seatpost is very small, eliminating excess weight as KHE really doesn't expect people to need this seat to go high enough to sit on for long periods of time.

Pivotal Seatpost

Pivotal seatposts are probably the most popular style for BMX seats. As you can see from the image the bottom of the seat and the top of the seatpost are fitted with concave and convex areas with a series of adjustment grooves. The seat will sit in these grooves, stopping it from slipping. There is then a bolt going through the top of the seat down into the seatpost. Pivotal seatposts are very easily recognisable. Just look for the seats with a hole in the middle of it that's probably covered with a little plastic or synthetic cover with a slit in it.

WeThePeople Pivotal Seatpost

wethepeople pivotal seatpost

WTP are a great brand and I have ridden a lot of their parts. As I've mentioned before, the pivotal seatpost is definitely the most popular of the three being discussed here. Integrated seatposts are more for plastic or cheaper seats and the tripod seatposts are primarily just Fly Bikes. This Seatpost really isn't that different from all the others you can buy. It's made of steel, 168 grams and it's about 13 inches long.

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BSD Blitzed BMX Pivotal Seatpost

bsd pivotal seatpost

BSD is a BMX brand almost of similar stature to WeThePeople. Their seatpost is very similar to others such as WeThePeople. It's very short, has a gorgeous matt style paint and a seamless integration between the pole and the toothed concave top. You can see at the top of this image the hole that the compression bolt will screw into. The angle of the seat will be determined by setting the seat in these teeth and then to make sure nothing moves the bolt is screwed in.

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Tripod Seatposts

The tripod BMX seatpost is another new style that was developed by Fly bikes. As the name suggests, this post features a triangular plate that bolts onto the underside of the seat with three bolts. Though this is a very new design and only developed by one bike manufacturer. Others are slowly adopting it and these tripod seatposts are becoming much more prevalent.

Fly Bikes Tripod Seatpost

fly bikes tripod seatpost

Since I've been talking about Fly Bikes and their tripod seatposts, it's only fitting that I include this product here. My first real BMX was a Fly Bikes Neutron and I can honestly say they make some outstanding products. The tripod seatpost doesn't offer much in the way of adjustment but it's definitely a solid way of attaching your seat to your bike.

How Tripod System works

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Odyssey BMX Tripod Seatpost

odyssey tripod seatpost

The Odyssey tripod seatpost is very similar to the one by Fly Bikes. The only difference is the slight change in colour scheme and the name printed on the side. As you can see from the image, the post and the top fixing is seamlessly integrated, giving a strong and gorgeous look to the item.

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BSD Logo Saddle Review

bsd logo saddle

Reigning from Scotland, BSD is one of the most popular British BMX brands. As you can read in our BSD brand post, they sponsor some amazing professional riders and produce incredibly popular parts.

The Logo Saddle may be the definition of simplicity. A black kevlar design is pinned to the seatpost by a BSD icon. As you'll see in the image, BSD has branded the saddle with a shiny logo on the back of the product.

You can purchase this product in 3 different sizes, which is such a great idea. Slim, mid and fat sizes will cater to every rider's taste.

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Federal Mid Roses Pivotal Seat

federal mid roses pivotal bmx saddle

Another UK BMX brand, Federal has been creating great BMX products since 1999. The company doesn't sell complete bikes but they have a large contingent of signature frames created through their world-class team of riders.

The professional Federal cycling team is one of the most well-rounded street teams around. Riders such as Anthony Perrin, Bruno Hoffman, Dan Lacey, Jared Washington, Mark Love, Matty Long, Max Vincent and Stevie Churchill create some amazing content for the company.

This BMX seat is a mid-design. The perfect amount of comfort for most riders. Other than the offset Federal logo, this saddle has an all-over print of roses as the background. It's a great idea, perfected by the fact that no product has exactly the same design.

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Fiend Reynolds V2 Pivotal Seat

fiend reynolds v2 bmx seat

Garrett Reynolds is one of the best BMX street and park riders. He's dominated for around 25 years, with his first X Games event way back in 2007.

Garrett created the Fiend BMX brand himself and has grown it to be a powerful brand. As a highly accomplished rider, he has also created some popular signature parts.

The Reynolds V2 pivotal seat is one of these signature parts designed and developed by Garrett.

A reinforced base was reduced to prevent bending or breakages. Although I'm nervous about when you're going to hit your saddle so hard that it needs to be reinforced. Thick foam padding has been added to the base for increased comfort.

The “Always Fiending” access patch is basically it for branding on this seat, much more simple than a lot of products on this list.

You can purchase this product in a leathery black, brown or a fabric camo design.

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BSD Safari Fat BMX Seat

bsd fat seat safari

Reed Stark is a brilliant professional BMX rider, you can read about him in our BSD brand post. His latest signature series with BSD is called Safari, working on BMX bars, a frame and safari pedals.

I'm really impressed with the continuity of design between these parts, they've obviously worked hard on the development and each part would work well on most bikes.

This recommendation is for the fat version of the Safari seat. It's an improvement over the original Safari seat but now with some wild colors.

A giraffe pattern is printed onto heavy-duty canvas based on four different colours. These include black, brown, green and grey.

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Cult All Over Print Seat

cult all over saddle print

Robbie Morales created Cult back in 2010. Since then they've built a great pro team. Riders such as Alex Kennedy, Ollie Shields and Jordan Aleppo are just some of these.

I think this saddle is a fantastic design. Cult used durable, synthetic leather for this product. They then stamped the Cult logo in a pattern all over the leather. It creates a super unique design while adequately promoting the brand.

You can only purchase this as a pivotal design in Black, Brown or Teal.

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WeThePeople Team Saddle

wtp team bmx saddle

We all know WTP are one of the best BMX brands. They made such a wide variety of top-notch products, you can be safe to buy any of their products.

The WTP Team saddle is much like a lot of other products on this list. A fat pivotal design with some interesting, minimalistic designs.

Dan Banks, a Scottish BMX rider, worked with WeThePeole to create this product. Banks used his love of Tea, British weather and art as inspiration for this product.

One version is a black leather design with a large WeThePeople emblem imprinted into the body of the seat. The other design is an indigo camouflage fabric that's incredibly comfortable. This version has a smaller WTP patch stitched to the fabric.

The newest version of this product is a fabric base with various tea and weather icons stitched to various parts of the body.

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Odyssey Broc Seat Review

broc raiford corduroy seat

Starting in 1985, Odyssey has since made history in the world of BMX. Multiple mind-blowing, innovative products have come from the company, winning design awards and topping many best-selling lists.

The Broc seat is a signature product of Broc Raiford, a professional street BMX rider. Sponsorships from massive companies such as Odyssey, Sunday bikes and Red Bull prove how much of an impressive rider Broc is.

As well as the seat, Odyssey worked on a frame, bars, grips, forks, a stem and tires with Raiford, all brilliant products.

A new design for this list, Odyssey used a corduroy fabric to cover the pivotal base. It's very simple but very unique.

Odyssey RIOT Saddle

odyssey riot cycling saddle

Around the start of COVID, April 2020, Odyssey ran an online competition that allowed their BMX community to submit a design for their new RIOT product.

The company chose three winners, whose designs were created into real products. This was the first design created, submitted by Danilo Ramirez.

Unsurprisingly, this seat is only available in one color, with Danilo's design printed into the fabric.

Are all BMX Saddles the Same Size?

BMX seatposts can come in several different diameters from 22.2mm up to 35mm. Different frames will require different-sized seatposts but it's very easy to switch if necessary.

Saddles are generally the same size but come in slim, mid and fat options. Some companies will offer all three for each product and others will only produce one option.

Slim, mid and fat refer to the amount of padding that is added to the base. Racing riders generally prefer thin designs for the reduced weight, and park and street riders like mid saddles so they have more control and comfort without it getting in the way. Dirt jump riders may prefer fat saddles for their stability and control during jumps.

Why are BMX Seats Angled Upwards?

BMX seats are angled upwards to create clearance, improve comfort and help with performance.

Riders will nearly always slam their seat as low as they will go. When it's this low you may need to increase the angle so you aren't hitting your legs or feet on the sides of your saddle.

Some riders feel angled seats make certain tricks like toboggans or hang 5's easier. While they might be right, you should experiment to see what feels best for you.

How High Should my BMX Saddle Be?

The simple answer is however high you want. Most riders have around 3 inches or less of their seatpost showing above their frame.

It's best to do some tests on your bike with your specific seat. You need to look out for whatever impedes your riding the least and feels most comfortable.

Having a fat saddle slammed as low as it will go will often result in your calves brushing the sides on each pedal. You can prevent this by slightly increasing the height.

You should also look out for whichever height allows you to grip your knees the best. Performing tricks like barspins will be easier with a good grip on your saddle.

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