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Founded 1991
Founder Grant Smith
Based In Glasgow, UK

In recent years BSD has become one of the most recognisable names in BMX. Although they don't sell complete bikes, you can now buy every BMX part needed to build a complete bike from BSD.

This article will go through the history of BSD, the many products you can buy from the brand, some of the professional team riders and all the features BSD has made elsewhere on Tresna.

The Founder of BSD - Grant Smith

grant smith bsd

Grant Smith, the founder of BSD grew up in the new BMX scene of Scotland. Growing up moving around Scotland, Smith fell in love with the fledgling BMX scene of the Shetland Islands, Aberdeen and Glasgow.

In 1983 a new Raleigh BMX entered Grant's life on his 10th birthday. This took over his life before he moved to Aberdeen just as BMX became super popular among teenage riders.

It wasn't long before Grant was entering small competitions around Scotland. At 12 years old he placed 2nd in one of his first-ever competitions. As you can guess, this integration in the scene at a young age allowed Grant to make some very useful connections for later


Around 1990/1991 magazines and BMX video edits became very popular. Grant and his friends began documenting every riding trip, competition and crash from then on. You're able to find these original video edits from the early 90's around the internet

After a summer of riding, competing and filming around London in 1991, the team released their first video under the BSD name.

History of BSD

As Grant and his friends were releasing these BMX videos through the early 90s he was finishing his studies in mechanical engineering and moving into a machining job. You can probably see where this is going as that's the perfect job for someone to start building their

own bike parts.

Unsurprisingly, it wasn't long before Grant had drawn up the plans for a super strong 44t, 10mm chainring to make at work. As park riding became popular, a lot of parts took longer to catch up to the new requirements for the riding style. Grant was always breaking and

bending chainrings so machining his own was the natural next step.

Through his job, this chainring became popular and they sold a lot of units. I doubt it took much persuasion for the company to agree to design and develop some more BMX parts. I believe other chainrings and hubs were next on the list.

After several years of developing these products through his job, it was time to take the plunge. By 2005 there were some awesome BSD products on the market without even working full time. The Jersey Barrier is one of these. By 2008 Grant had left his company to work

full-time at BSD.

Since then the company has come a long way. As you will see below, the professional team sponsors the world's best riders, the parts are now being sold in every BMX store and the company is commonly winning best brand of the year.

Products Offered by BSD

BSD is probably the biggest BMX brand that doesn't manufacture complete BMX bikes. They make literally every part but they haven't combined it all together yet. Who knows if they ever will?

BMX Frames

alvx bmx frame freedom bike frame

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In my opinion, the BMX frames are the flagship of the brand. Interestingly most of the frames are signature parts designed by their sponsored riders. This is such a great idea by the brand. Each frame will have a totally different set of expertise and will be much better targeted at their customers.

The ALVX and Freedom frames are probably the most popular in the lineup. Designed with the help of Alex Donnachie and Kriss Kyle respectively.

The ALVX has been so popular it's had several incarnations. Recently the AF+ model has been released. An already super techy street frame has an updated cast chainstay yoke, helping to maintain the tire clearance while keeping the super small rear triangle. In more simple terms, this helps your tire clearance when pushing it as far as possible into the chainstays.

You've probably heard of the BSD Passenger frame, it was one of the original super popular frames from Kriss Kyle and BSD. Since then they've upgraded the frame into the Freedom frame. It's a frame designed for every style of riding because that's the only thing that will satisfy Kyle's riding style. A low BB, responsive head angle and short rear end are just some of the changes made to this new frame.

BMX Bike Parts

revolution bmx bike hub bsd jersey barrier

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It's impressive how BSD have managed to dominate so many different BMX parts, it's hard to just pick a couple of their best to describe here.

BSD is very successful in the bike hub category. The Revolution and West Coaster hubs are genius improvements on the freecoasters used by the rest of the sport. A revolutionary clutch design has been developed to keep the freewheel ability of a freecoaster while benefiting from the noise, weight and immediate engagement of a cassette hub.

BSD claims the Planetary clutch system completely eradicates the pedal gap, and accidental rollback engagement and is also 30% lighter than the average freecoaster hub.

Jersey barrier hub guard was one of the very first products made by Grant Smith. It's the only model of hub guard made by the company but that doesn't matter, it's a beast of a product. A two-piece aluminium, plastic design keeps replacements cheap and will fit almost every BMX hub on the market.


Finally, apparel. Nowadays most biking brands have an apparel category in their product lineup. T-Shirts, hats, sweatshirts, long-sleeve tops and jackets are all products the company is currently selling.

There's not much more to say, other than the t-shirts look awesome and you should probably wear them when you're out riding.

Latest News From the Brand

BSD Return of the Jam / PART ONE / Unit23

The Unit23 skatepark is one of the UK's major indoor parks. 20 years after its inception, BSD hosted its long-awaited Jam at the park. Many of the brands' professional athletes such as Kriss Kyle, Corey Walsh, Connor Mailey, Tom Russell, Reed Stark, Ben Towle, Chaz Mailey, Kieran McCarroll, Antonio Smallwood and Billy-Neil McVicar are some of them.

Two great videos have been released showcasing the awesome riding from the event. The first of which showcased the park and bowl events, while the second contained the plaza and best trick jams.

Read More

CALIFORNIA JONESIN' / Sam Jones / BSD BMX - BSD Jonesin' Sprocket V2

As you'll read below, Sam Jones is one of the professional riders on the BSD team. The Jonesin' products are designed by Sam and this new sprocket is his latest creation.

This is a classic looking 7075 sprocket with a default bolt-on hub guard. The guard can be removed and replaced as needed, while the sprocket itself is a simple shape with the awesome-looking Jonesin' logo.

Read More

Professional BSD Team Riders

BSD pride itself on their professional team, they treat their riders well and work hard to find the best up-and-coming talent. In return, the riders work with the company to make some amazing products. Kriss Kyle and David Grant are two of these riders who have helped make some of the most popular products in the industry.

Alex Donnachie

D.O.B 27 NOV 1993
Hometown Perth, Scotland
Instagram @alex_donnachie
alex donnachie rider

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It's great that one of the biggest Scottish BMX brands sponsors two of the finest Scottish BMX riders, one of them being Donnachie. Alex is one of the most stylish and progressive street riders currently riding. With a calm and quiet demeanour, his riding is very explosive and expressive.

Video projects like the 'Nearly BMX' series are obviously the main focus for Alex and he's become very well known for them. Since joining BSD, they have included this young rider in some of their highest-rated videos as well as a signature series. After winning several super prestigious BMX competitions in recent years, Alex is now working on the fifth instalment of his popular DVD series.

As well as all the work on video parts, Donnachie has helped design several of BSD's most popular parts. The ALVX frame, Donnasqueak and Donnastreet tires are the main parts. I love the tires he's designed; the names are succinct and perfectly suit the product.

Kriss Kyle BSD Rider

D.O.B 25 MAR 1992
Hometown Stranraer, Scotland
Instagram @krisskyle
kriss kyle pro rider

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After more than 19 years of riding, Kriss has established himself as one of the best BMX riders on the planet. When initially building his professional team, Grant saw Kriss riding and remarked he was one of the most naturally talented riders he'd ever seen. Style and tricks seemed to always come easy to Kriss.

After a big win at the Transgression skatepark Jam, Dalkeith in 2008, Kriss became instantly popular. This was quite obviously the start of his career in BMX. He won many more competitions before becoming a resident rider at Unit 23, one of the UK's best skateparks.

The Freedom frame is the latest signature product BSD has created with the help of Kriss Kyle. Before this, there have been three signature lines attached to Kyle's name.

Denim Cox Professional BMX Rider

D.O.B 7 FEB 1995
Hometown Tucson, Arizona
Instagram @denimcox
bsd rider denim cox

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One of the few professional BMX riders on the BSD BMX team. With a street riding speciality, Denim is often found on the dirt jumps sending the biggest tricks of everyday dirt jump BMX riders.

Similar to many professional riders, Denim began riding around 8 years old with older motocross riders and used this to quickly improve his street riding.

BSD is one of Denim's main riding sponsors, working with him on around 5 signature BMX parts. The series was called 'Grime' and featured a frame, 2 four piece bars, grips and a seat.

DENIM COX / More Speed Less Doubt / BSD BMX

Sam Jones BMX Bio

D.O.B 10 OCT 1992
Hometown Helmshore, England
Instagram @jam_scones_92
sam jones bsd jonesin

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Sam Jones is a professional BSD rider from Helmshore, England. His local is the Junction 4 skatepark. Along with BSD, Sam often rides with the DUB BMX and Eclat BMX teams. Sam is a great street rider that seems to have perfected the art of front-end BMX tricks.

Like most of his sponsored colleagues, Jones has several signature parts that he created with BSD. The headliner of which being the Jonesin' frame. Due to his affinity for front-end tricks, Sam opted for a 76-degree head angle, a short 12.7 - 13.2” rear end and an 8.9” standover. All of these aspects work well for the front-end king. Similar to most recent BSD frames, the Jonesin' frame uses the super scoop chainstay tubing for extra tire clearance.

Dan Paley

D.O.B 28 SEPT 1990
Hometown Doncaster, England
Instagram @donny_soulja
dan paley biker

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Paley is a professional rider from Doncaster. He acquired his first sponsorship with the stereo BMX team, after appearing in a popular film part shot at the works, another of the UK's most popular indoor skateparks.

Two years after signing for Stereo BMX, Paley finally released his first official signature frame. he Loaded frame. A BMX edit featuring dan was also released to accompany this frame release

BSD came into the picture later that year and Dan joined straight away. He's been with BSD, DUB and Etnies ever since.

Reed Stark BMX Bio

D.O.B 20 OCT 1992
Hometown Saint Paul, Minnesota
Instagram @youscaredstiff
reed stark cycling

Reed is a professional BMX rider from the US. He rides for BSD, Sweet Dendamas, Etnies, Rawr Superfoods and Plants Basically. He rides a BSD Safari frame in ultraviolet. Stark is also a successful designer for Safari State.

As a tall rider, he's aimed his signature parts towards riders like himself. For a cycling style that's so small, it's sometimes hard for taller riders to use the popular parts designed for the general rider.

His signature parts include the Safari Frame, oversized Safari bars, Safari Pedals, Safari Seat and a sticker set.

AM Team

  • Joe Foley
  • Trent Lutzke
  • Antonio Carrizo-Smallwood
  • Guy Scroggie
  • Rory Mclean
  • Noah Huntzinger
  • Andriy Podoba
  • Chaz Mailey
  • Jake Norris
  • Thomas Roulston

Worldwide Crew

  • Marco Beil
  • Michal Kovacovic
  • Yuto Hiramatsu
  • Corey Holdgate
  • Killian Limousin
  • Curly Mayne
  • Louis Brouckaert
  • Stu Chisholm
  • Bora Altintas
  • Jack Nieraeth
  • Martin Svoboda
  • Pablo Maguire
  • Hector Spencer-Wood
  • Hasu Parmar
  • John Deans
  • Greg Layden
  • Jonny Moffat
  • Matt Allpress
  • Fran Agudelo
  • Jeff Cadger
  • John Garcia
  • Thijs Vervarck
  • Yohan Bieuron
  • Connor Mailey
  • Ben Gea
  • Sar Levi


  • David Grant
  • Luc Legrand
  • Jason Teet
  • Antony Lille

The BSD Vets

  • Scott Timmins
  • Gordon Reilly
  • Grant Smith

Brand Support and Warranty

BSD is proud of its product quality and offers a really attractive return policy to prove it. If you receive a product with any sort of manufacturing fault, they will replace it within the first 30 days.

Amazingly, BSD offers a year's warranty against all hard goods breaking. This shows great belief in their product. You know how much abuse certain BMX parts go through when riding. If you have the BSD part replaced under this warranty, the replacement part won't be covered by the year's warranty.

BSD Shipping and Returns

You should expect a high-quality delivery when ordering products from BSD. A lot of their products are expensive and precious and require a safe tracking service, which BSD use in every delivery. They promise to send out any deliveries same day when ordered before 2PM GMT.

BSD will allow you to return an item but you will need to put the request through their returns process.

Where is BSD BMX From?

BSD is a BMX brand located in England, and they distribute BMX products worldwide. Grant Smith, the founder, created BSD in Glasgow in 1991.

Who is the Owner of BSD?

Grant Smith is the owner of BSD. He created the brand in the early 90s while working at a mechanical machining job.

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