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shadow slide or die

Shadow Slide or Die

Scott Ditchburn created this signature peg for Shadow. The Slide or Die has a great name and is made from great plastic.

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odyssey gsport pleg

Odyssey G-Sport Pleg 2+

The Pleg 2+ isn't our top choice but it's the cheapest on this list by far. This is a great peg for beginners or those just getting into plastic pegs.

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rudetube bsd pegs

BSD Rude Tube

The Rude tube peg is a great peg from BSD. The design is awesome and is in the signature series of Dan Paley AKA Donny Soulja. There is the LT and regular version of this peg and will suit a lot of riders.

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Exploring the world of BMX biking introduces riders to a plethora of choices, especially when it comes to pegs. As a rider, you've probably pondered whether to opt for traditional metal pegs or explore the increasingly popular plastic variants. The choice between 2 or 4 pegs is also a tough one. This article delves into the best plastic BMX pegs of 2024, a choice that's becoming a favorite among enthusiasts for their unique advantages.

Like many, my BMX journey began with metal pegs. However, my transition to plastic pegs revealed a new realm of possibilities. Their lightweight nature and durability not only refined my riding style but also opened doors to an array of tricks that were harder to master with metal pegs. Not to mention the price and weight difference.

Whether you're just starting out in BMX or you're a seasoned rider looking to enhance your tricks repertoire, plastic pegs offer a fresh perspective. In this article, I'll share my insights and experiences, guiding you through the best plastic pegs on the market, tailored to suit riders of all levels. Let's explore how these pegs can transform your BMX experience, taking your skills to new heights.

Overall Best Plastic Pegs

plastic pegs vs metal pegs

Shadow SOD Plastic Peg Review

  • Chromoly center and tough plastic for durability
  • Perfect scores in customer reviews
  • Slim design from heat-treated chromoly core
  • Anti-roll system for balanced tricks
  • Best for street riding, less versatile
  • Heavier due to chromoly core
  • Higher cost from quality materials
  • Sleeve may need replacement after use
$21 from SourceBMX

Shadow are one of my favorite BMX manufacturers on the market. Obviously, their plastic peg systems are also some of the best and highest quality. We have discussed shadow conspiracy BMX parts in quite a few other posts and I don't think we've ever written a bad word about them and we definitely aren't going to start now.
Shadow have five different products on their bike pegs page on their site. A couple of these products are the sleeves that can be used to replace the ones on your pegs you've previously bought.

I really like the S.O.D peg system It's a classic design with an amazing texture and colour. A simple small logo will suffice without drawing any unwanted attention. The reason for producing this peg further makes me want to use it. It's is a signature peg of Scott Ditchburn.

Scott is on the Shadow and Subrosa teams, riding a signature BMX with a Balum frame from Subrosa, a Villicus fork, Bitchin' cranks, four-piece bars, shadow grips, bar ends, headset, seat, sprocket and pedals. He is a great street rider, winning a great number of jams here in the UK. Ditchburn has a great ride-anything style of street riding and has good features in a great number of videos.

This Shadow peg system, made from a proven nylon/fibreglass material is great for pegs and grinding. The tough plastic greatly extends the life of the peg and makes it strong enough to not wear out or break on the first couple of big hits. As you can see on the images above Shadow has used a proprietary sleeve lock design that prevents the sleeve from spinning around the metal inner.

Shadow SOD Specifications:

  • Scott Ditchburn Signature Peg
  • Length: 104mm
  • Diameter: 39mm
  • Material: Nylon/Fiberglass
  • Proprietary Sleeve lock design
  • Hat Spacer: 3/8"
  • Weight: 187g

Also Great

best bmx pegs

Cult Butter BMX Pegs

  • Smooth grinding, trusted by many riders
  • Durable nylon composite sleeve with Chromoly core
  • Available in regular and extra-long sizes
  • Includes a replacement outer sleeve for convenience
  • Thinner sleeve may wear faster under stress
  • Sleeve thinness could risk bending the inner core
  • Potential for dropout and axle damage under stress
  • Might require frequent replacements with heavy use
$30 from SourceBMX

Cult is a very high-quality brand, specialised in BMX products. Many people, when buying plastic BMX pegs only look at the plastic and how strong they think that is, but it's as important, if not more to make sure the inner core is strong and durable too, that's the part that will stay with you a lot longer than the plastic. Cult Butter Pegs feature an inner core made from 4130 heat-treated Chromoly.

Cult has designed and produced a few different lengths of the Butter pegs, most recently debuting the 4.5-inch long peg. Other sizes are often smaller at around 4 inches. Obviously, it should go without saying that when you are buying the inner core and the sleeve separately you need to make sure that they're the same size.

Just like every other BMX product you can buy, there are a few little things that riders aren't so keen on. Firstly there's the thickness of the sleeves. If you take a look at the Butter peg sleeves you will notice it's a LOT thinner than many other sleeves. I am not sure of the reasoning behind this but it can result in a few really annoying issues.

Overusing or exerting additional stress on a thin peg can result in you either wearing straight through the plastic and starting to bend or wear through the metal inner core, or you could badly damage your dropouts and axles by bending them. If this does happen it can become very hard to get your wheels off. Since the sleeves are so thin, the dropouts can 'dangle' out the bottom and will become very easy to hit when you're jumping into a grind, if you do this repetitively your dropouts will start to bend and close onto each other. You don't want to have to try and bend them back out to slide your wheel out.


  • Length: 105mm/114mm
  • Diameter: 36mm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Axle Size: 14mm
  • Weight: 170g

Cult butter lite peg explained and review

Upgrade Pick

bsd rude tube bmx pegs

BSD Rude Tube Plastic BMX Peg

  • Durable sleeve for extensive grinding
  • Lighter 7075 alloy inner increases peg longevity
  • 33% lighter, run four pegs with less weight
  • Heat-treated chromo adaptor prevents deformation
  • Thicker 7075 peg might affect grinding feel
  • Heat-treated adaptor adds complexity to design
  • Limited to two lengths, less customization
  • Potential higher cost for advanced materials and design
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The BSD Rude Tube Peg is part of the signature series for Dan Paley AKA The Donny Soulja. Dan notoriously loves to get rude with his riding. In other words, he loves a good grind and likes to cause as much damage to his pegs as possible. If you're a rider that grinds a lot or seems to just breeze through multiple plastic sleeves then this might be a good peg for you. The peg is available in two lengths, the 4.2-inch version and the larger 4.5-inch version. I know some people want to know the weight of every part of their bike before they can decide to fit it, so for you people, the Rude Tube pegs weigh approximately 170 grams.

If you take a closer look at the image you'll notice the high-density plastic sleeve is a little thicker than others, giving you an immediate sense it's going to last much longer than some other sleeves you could use. If you've ever seen Paley's videos before you will notice he can link a grind combo together with ease, switching from a quick stall on a quarter to a long ass nose pick along a rail. All of this could easily constitute enough abuse to bend some metal but with these BSD pegs, I can't see that happening very fast.

As well as the regular version and sizes, BSD have released a lighter version named the LT. This version is 33% lighter than the original, meaning you can run four pegs while maintaining virtually the same weight of two regular pegs. I expect you're wondering what BSD have done to be able to lighten this peg up so much. Well, they've stuck with the durable, high-density plastic around the outside while using a tough chromo adapter at the dropout interface. It's this adapter that sets it apart from the rest of the plastic BMX pegs in the field. This will enable the user to catch uprights or overtighten while still staying straight and strong.


  • Length: 107mm
  • Diameter: 37mm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Axle Size: 10mm/14mm
  • Weight: 170g

Budget Pick

best bmx pegs for street

Odyssey G-Sport Pleg 2+ BMX Pegs

  • Sturdy construction, ideal for BMX riding
  • Prevents damage for longer use
  • Good price
  • Only 4.25" length available
  • Potentially heavier due to aluminum core
  • Installation might be complex for some users

G-Sport is another one of my favorite BMX brands. The craftsmanship and quality of these products are top notch, I would happily run my bike exclusively G-Sport parts. After a successful release of the OG Pleg, G-Sport has redesigned the plastic peg to be even better.

This version features a brand new 7075 aluminum core and a proprietary plastic sleeve. The two main working points of this new peg seem to have been stiffness and damage prevention. Firstly they have a smaller overall peg diameter due to the new plastic sleeving. The inner cores length has also been decreased to approximately ¾ of the length of the plastic sleeve.

If you have ever ridden plastic pegs for an extended period of time before you will know that after your sleeve stars wearing thin or when you hit the ends of your pegs, the metal will start to roughen, bend and degrade. This length adjustment has enabled riders to be just as rough with their bikes as normal and not have to worry about replacing the inner core.


  • Length: 100mm
  • Diameter: 39mm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Axle Size: 10mm/14mm
  • Weight: 105g

G-Sport Pleg Review

Also Great

how to install bmx pegs

Odyssey Graduate BMX Peg

  • Strong and great for grinding
  • Suits all BMX riders
  • Multiple lengths and adapter included
  • Positive feedback from riders
  • No grip for foot
  • Sold as a single product
  • Slightly heavier at 128 grams
  • Basic design with no advanced features
$26 from SourceBMX

The Odyssey Graduate peg is a very regular plastic peg. Unlike others, there's no state of the art blended plastic or a special hardened inner core to drive up the price. The only distinguishing feature of the Graduate peg is the Odyssey BMX logo on the face.

The peg is made from a 4130 Chromoly core with an outside diameter of 1.5 inches and a length of 4.5. Unlike the pleg 2+ above, the inner core and outer sleeve are pretty much the same sizes, which drives up the weight slightly to 127 grams per peg but I wouldn't expect that to make much of a difference.


  • Length: 114mm/120mm
  • Diameter: 38mm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Axle Size: 14mm
  • Weight: 215g

fiend belmont pc lightest bmx pegs

Fiend Belmont PC Pegs

  • Durable, replaceable nylon sleeve reduces dropout drag
  • 7000 series aluminum core keeps weight minimal
  • Available in 4.25" and 4.5" lengths
  • Heat-treated, butted chromoly core for enhanced durability
  • Pegs sold individually, not in pairs
  • Replacement sleeves require separate purchase
  • Weighs 7.05oz at 4.5" length
  • Lacks advanced features of high-end pegs
$26 from SourceBMX

By far one of my favorite BMX riders is Garrett Reynolds, a long time rider for Fiend BMX. His extremely technical street riding style fits perfectly with the parts Fiend produce. Now, this peg isn't a signature Reynolds one and I'm not even sure he rides it but I know it has been reviewed by many brilliant riders. The outer sleeve is a nylon sleeve that is wrapped in a 40mm OD sleeve in order to reduce dropout drag.

If you haven't read this whole article, dropout drag is where you hit, scrape or slide your dropouts into a rail or ledge. Doing this extensively to your dropouts will firstly ruin the paintwork, making them harder to sell; secondly your dropouts will start to bend inwards toward each other, this can cause you a lot of problems when trying to remove wheels. The worst thing that could happen if you badly smash up your dropouts is they could break off. If this happens to you then you'll either need to buy a new frame/forks or find a really skilled welder to weld it back on. If you go for the welding option be warned that it'll be even more likely that it'll break again.

This sleeve attempts to thicken up the peg to the point of there only being a slight protrusion or none at all. Manufacturers that attempt to rectify the dropout drag problem will still need to bear in mind the weight any extra metal will add and the strength issues that are likely to occur if the core of the peg is given a larger diameter.


  • Length: 108mm
  • Diameter: 38mm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Axle Size: 14mm
  • Weight: 130g

Plastic BMX Pegs vs Metal Pegs

Plastic and metal BMX pegs are actually rather different from each other considering how simple the part is. If you take a look at a plastic bike peg and a metal one, you will easily see the complexity difference. Plastic pegs often come as sleeves that are placed over a metal inner shell.

This metal inner is used for the strength and rigidity needed to attach to the axle. The greatest advantage of using sleeves in such a way is that they're replaceable. After a few months of hard use on any peg, they're going to wear down and it will probably start affecting your grinds and stalls.

All you have to do with plastic pegs is replace the plastic sleeve for a new one. I don't think this should be a decider for you to buy a plastic peg over a metal one as the price difference is negligible and unless you're a top rider I doubt the difference will affect you.

Many people make the argument that plastic is inherently more slippery than metal. I would agree that the plastic used in bike pegs is a very good material to use although plastic pegs are a more complicated structure, possibly resulting in being heavier and easier to break.

Plastic BMX Peg Buying Guide


Many modern pegs feature a tough, hard-wearing nylon or plastic sleeve. These sleeves usually have alloy inserts for strength. Consider pegs with easily replaceable sleeves that are an affordable price. You'll be replacing these far more often than a typical metal peg.

Size and Fit

Almost all BMX pegs are designed for a 14mm or 10mm axle, depending on their use on the front or back of the bike. Make sure you're purchasing the correct size for your bike. Your bike may have different sized axles on the front and rear wheels so be sure to check this before installation.

Length and Diameter

Standard stunt peg lengths are around 4” (100mm), but longer versions up to 4.4” (110mm) are available. Smaller 'micro-pegs' of about 30mm are also an option.

You should think about the type of riding and grinding you'll be aiming to perform. Most people should buy the 100mm pegs but you may want to consider longer pegs if you're planning on grinding on wider surfaces.

Typical peg diameter is about 1.5” (38.5mm). There are also 'skinny' pegs with diameters of 35mm or less for lighter weight.

Weight Consideration

Plastic pegs are lighter than metal ones and are a good option if your bike is already heavy, especially if you're going to use four pegs.

Maintenance and Longevity

Always wax the surface you plan to grind on to reduce wear and tear on the pegs. Rough surfaces can destroy plastic pegs much faster than you'd expect.

Regularly rotate your pegs to ensure even wear and extend their lifespan.

Additional Features

Some pegs feature anti-roll slots and come with an anti-roll pin to avoid rotation, ensuring the peg stays in place. This feature also allows for easy rotation of the peg to avoid one surface becoming overly worn.

Frequently Asked Questions about BMX Pegs

Are All BMX Pegs the Same?

No, there are three types: metal, alloy, and plastic.

Are BMX Pegs Universal?

Almost. There are two options on offer: 14mm axle for rear BMX hubs and 10mm axle for front BMX hubs.

What Side Do BMX Pegs Go On?

There's no strict rule, but generally, if you're right foot forward, your dominant grind side will be on the right, and vice versa. You can also ride all four pegs or two in the front and one in the


Can You Stand on BMX Pegs?

Yes, any type of BMX peg is strong enough to hold you if you want to stand on it.

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