best bmx brands in 2024

If you've read a few different articles on this site, you may start seeing the same brands crop up again and again when we're discussing the best BMX products. I think it's about time we go through some of the most popular and best BMX brands out there.

I'm going to go through the brands history, their top flagship parts or bikes, the brands sponsored riders and finally some of their photos and videos.

There Are no set rules that determine a brands place on this list. We have based rankings on public popularity, the brands of the best-selling parts online and finally, how often they make an appearance in our articles.

WeThePeople BMX Brand

bmx brands clothing

Over recent years WTP, or WeThePeople, have become one of the most recognised BMX bike brands in the world. A simple look through some our previous articles or a best-selling list you won't have to scroll far before seeing your first WeThePeople part. For example, it was hard in our recent post, Most Expensive BMX Bikes 2024, not to include several different WTP bikes. Now this does mean some of their products are the most expensive, but I do not think this is unreasonable. In most cases, parts made by WeThePeople, are well worth their price tag.

It has been almost three decades since WeThePeople got their start in the BMX world. Stephan Prantl, Lars Dorsch and Stefan Rose decided to start the company after BMX focused parts were few and far between.

Like a lot of companies, the team wanted to develop more BMX oriented parts with an independent discipline focus. Back then most brands were trying to cater to mountain bikers or road cyclists while taking no notice of the new style of bicycle motocross (BMX).

In the early days the 3 guys designed and sold limited edition t-shirt designs to the developing BMX scene, quickly gaining a significant following. After a short hiatus the team started to make regular BMX products. The sort their following would love to ride. The company was formed at a perfect time for the German BMX scene.

WeThePeople Sponsored Riders

After so much success, it's no surprise the WTP team is huge. Whether they're a top-level rider or working in the product design department, WeThePeople consider them an equal part of their family and they know the company wouldn't work without them. To keep things short, we're just going to go through the team of professional sponsored riders and a short bio about them.

Max Gaertig

Max Gaertig BMX Bonn, Germany

Gaertig is one of the legends rarely talked about in BMX. An avid combination and trick inventor, he's probably pioneered more BMX whip combos than most people can even perform. Max has only created one signature bike part, the MadMax Bar.

Dillon Lloyd

Dillon Lloyd BMX Rider Montreal, Canada

Dillon is a very popular street BMX rider with sponsorship deals involving Eclat, Vans, OnSomeShit, Ace Athletik and obviously WTP. Lloyd has developed a line of signature products with the company. The Buck frame, bar and Dill Pickle Peg.

Jordan Godwin

Jordan Godwin Gwent, Wales

Jordan is a young, technical rider from Wales, UK. He's a great rider to watch for inspiration or work ethic. His hard work and impressive tech skills allowed his upgrade to pro status in 2017. Godwin has also produced a signature frame called the Doomsayer with WTP.

Felix Prangenberg

Felix Prangenberg Rossbach, Germany

Felix is a popular up and coming rider in Germany. He rides with a great street style and that shows in his cool WTP signature parts. He's developed the Pathfinder frame, Pathfinder 4PC bar and Pathfinder sprocket.

Ed Zunda

Ed Zunda Bike Riga, Latvia

Zunda is a great street rider from Latvia with tricks like the 360 on absolute lockdown. He's a hard worker and has developed two quality BMX parts with the company. The Awake Frame and Awake Crank.

Dan Kruk

Dan Kruk BIker Wisconsin, USA

Dan is one of WTP's best riders from the states. Due to the sheer size of the country, he's constantly on the road sending huge tricks and developing his style.

WeThePeople's Most Popular Bikes and Parts

WTP have a wide range of complete bikes and parts, one of only a few with such a range. We've ridden and tested a lot of their parts so we have a good idea of their most popular parts. A few of which are below.

Odyssey BMX

quality bmx brands

Odyssey BMX is based in Cerritos, California and have been one of the best bicycle brands since the mid 80's. Odyssey's main claim to fame is the creation of the BMX gyro. They made the first detangler and so named it the BMX gyro. This is why every company except Odyssey have to name their BMX gyros 'detanglers'.

Odyssey is another company that concentrate on perfecting specific BMX parts instead of full bikes. The company doesn't even develop their own frames.

bmx bike company

You have probably seen the BMX stem design where the 4 bolts are done away with and replaced with a single central bolt that controls an internal expander. In 2005 Odyssey won a design distinction award from ID magazine for this design, calling it the Elementary stem and also gaining them a US patent.

Odyssey Sponsored Riders

Aaron Ross BMX Bio

bmx clothing store

Ross is a native Texan who grew up doing all sorts of outdoor activities. BMX was the one sport that stuck, and he really pursued it well. After a short stint trying to learn flatland, Ross jumped over to BMX racing and then to street riding, like a lot of other pro riders.

Aaron has made appearances in a lot of top BMX parts, all of which boasting his controlled but powerful riding. All of this has managed to secure Ross with some top sponsorships. Sunday bikes have allowed Ross to create a signature complete that was littered with Odyssey BMX parts, his other big sponsor. A lot of these Odyssey parts (tyres, tripod seat and grips) were from his own signature series'.

Gary Young

Gary Young BMX

Growing up in San Diego and being raised on the dirt jumps, it's no surprise that Gary Young goes huge and has some insane power in his riding. After developing his riding career, Young has become a well-rounded rider on the trails, parks and streets.

Young has maintained his career at a top level for well over a decade, something rarely done by professional riders. In that time, he's won X games medals on 4 separate occasions, predominantly in BMX park. Even more impressive than that statistic is the amount of top 5 finishes Young has achieved. Over the 18 separate appearances at different X-Games events Gary has places top 5 in 11 of those. That's a great record if you ask me.

Tom Dugan

Tom Dugan biker

Growing up in the BMX hotspot of Austin, Texas, Dugan grew up riding old Mongoose BMX bikes, learning the sport through having fun and eventually winning some great competitions. After winning some minor competitions and making a pretty good name for himself, Dugan appeared twice on Ride BMX's NORA cup awards for the number one ramp rider and best video part categories. All you have to do is watch one of Dugan's videos parts to be astounded by his ability to boost a transition or get a massive air.

FUN FACT: In 2014 Tom Dugan reached a high air of a massive 13 feet at the Vans US Open in 2014 down at Huntington Beach.

BSD BMX – Rider Owned Bike Brand

Best BMX bike brands

BSD is another popular brand that's getting up there in age. You may see from this list that a lot of BMX brands have started in very similar ways. BSD specifically was created by a group of friend's way back in 1991. BMX videos were the starting point for this particular company. These were popular videos of road trips and jams the team went to. Whether they won or not they made some great videos along the way.

The 'Stress Kings to Steel Rods' and 'Sleezy Rider' videos were the two videos to give the company its name. Ever since then the aim of the company has been very relaxed. The BSD ethos is all about having a good time with friends while riding high end bikes.

jersey barrier bmx hub guard

'98 was the year of the first BSD product. A little surprisingly, it was a 44t, 10mm sprocket. Designed to be the toughest of the tough. The years that followed were fairly successful for the company, until 2005 when BSD developed the Jersey Barrier push on hub guard that was the first of its kind. This product took the BMX world by storm and sure enough every other BMX brand started to follow the design when making their next plastic BMX hub guards.

Since 2005 the company has widened their product range to include nearly everything you could want for your BMX, most of which considered to be some of the best quality products available. If you want to see the success of BSD, just have a look through our Most Expensive BMX Bikes list. You'll see most of the top bikes are covered in BSD parts. They're the go to brand for filling out a custom BMX.

BSD Pro Riders

BSD riders are probably some of the most famous riders included in this article. They've managed to acquire sponsorships with some of the world's best riders in every discipline. The following isn't a complete list of BSD's professional riders, but it is some of their best.

Alex Donnachie

alex donnachie

Donnachie is a Scotland native and, best known for his BMX videos in the 'Nearly BMX' series. Alex is a young street rider who's been progressing quickly, gaining some good quality sponsorships. During his time with BSD he's been included in some of their most popular BMX videos and signature series. The ALVX frame, Donnasqueak Tires and Donnastreet Tires are all signature parts developed by Alex and BSD.

Kriss Kyle BSD BMX Pro

kriss kyle bsd

Kriss is another Scottish rider, probably one of the most established and best riders on the planet. If you watch Kriss Kyle ride, then you'll see why he's become so successful. His unique style makes watching him very interesting and different to the vast majority of other riders.

His BMXing career started in 2008 after winning his first big competition at The Transgression Skatepark Jam in Dalkeith. After winning this competition Kyle started making a big impact on the BMX world, winning further prestigious events and even becoming a resident at one of the UK's biggest and best skateparks, Unit 23.

BSD and Kriss Kyle have designed and developed 3 signature lines of bikes with the Freedom frame being released this year in BSD's 2024 range.

Dan Paley

dan paley

Paley is a popular rider from Doncaster. After acquiring his first sponsorship with the Stereo BMX team, he featured in a popular film part filmed at the works, Another of the UK's most popular indoor skateparks.

Two years later, in 2011, Paley finally released his first signature frame with Stereo, the 'Loaded' frame. Another BMX edit featuring Dan was released to accompany this frame, filmed in Austin, Texas. Later in the year BSD announced Paley would be leaving Stereo and joining the BSD pro team.

Best BSD BMX Products

BSD ALVX BMX bike frame

photo credit  Photo by @barrassthomas

As we mentioned above, the ALVX frame is the signature frame of Alex Donnachie. The new AF version of this frame is brand new for 2024. The design is an upgraded version of the ALVX frame with a super tech invest cast chainstay yoke. This feature stiffens the rear triangle of the frame while giving your back wheel even more clearance than before. This is brilliant for those of you who prefer to ride thicker tires or those riders that like a slammed back wheel with a super short chainstay length.

Unlike a lot of frames, BSD mould the rear dropouts of the AF frame as one complete piece. Having no welds or separate parts makes the rear triangle of the frame much stronger. The dropout itself is 7mm thick with no overhang so keep up strength without the chance of catching on ledges and rails when grinding.

Profile Racing

profile bike racing

Profile is another company like The Shadow Conspiracy, one of the top BMX brands in the world. They intelligently directed a lot of time and attention toward just a few different BMX products in their early days and it certainly paid off. If you're looking to build yourself a new BMX that can stand a beating or will reliably last, you a few years you're definitely going to want to base it around Profile hubs.

Profile Racing didn't actually begin in the BMX industry. Way back in 1968 they began with high end race car chassis in their Flemington, New Jersey Shop. After some slight progression over the next few years the whole Alley family got hooked on the new sport of BMX racing. At this point the whole operation was based down in St. Petersburg, Florida. The BMX industry was still brand new so there was a lot of room for an innovative and competitive bike company.

Having already gained a lot of experience with chromoly fabrication and aluminium alloy components made the transition into BMX racing very easy for Profile Racing. The 1980's saw rapid growth for Profile racing, releasing their first 3-piece chromoly tubular cranks with the 48-spline axle. CNC machining gave them a great edge over the competition.

The 90's saw a lot of change within the racing community, a lot of manufacturing was produced cheap overseas, while Profile stayed true to their roots and built everything in the US. After these 35 years of solid experience, Profile are one of the most well established and sophisticated BMX and MTB parts manufacturers in America.

Profile BMX Pro Team

Mark Mulville

bmx race brand

Mark is one a very well-known BMX rider still riding today. He's got a lot of experience, getting his start way back in 1996 riding mini BMX bikes with his friends, just like we all did. Mark seems to have a good old style of riding, with that 80's feeling to it. Big tricks and big air but more rigid than today's street riders and park riders.

Mark has a few different signature parts with Profile racing. One of the most popular is probably the Mulville Push stem. A brilliantly designed and CNC machined BMX stem available in 13 different colours, I have truly never seen a BMX bike company that provides as many options as Profile does. The Push stem is named after Mulvilles favorite BMX trails.

Terry Adams

terry adams bmx

Adams is one of the only Flatland BMX riders on this list, a much less popular BMX discipline but very beautiful to watch and even harder to pull off. There's a much higher barrier to entry in Flatland BMX riding, which prevents a lot of people getting involved.

Terry started his flatland career at just 12 years old, very uncommon for flatland riders. 5 years later, at just 16 years old he became a professional and started entering some big competitions. These competitions kept getting bigger and bigger until he got to the very top, winning gold at X-Games 2005 and Ride BMX's Number 1 Rider award.

Terry has become an ambassador of the sport over recent years, gaining some prestigious magazine covers and sponsorships including, Ride BMX, Red Bull and Profile. Creating a popular personal brand and website has helped Terry gain a lot of popularity, filling up his travel and competition schedule. You can find his website here.

Anthony Napolitan

anthony napolitan

Napolitan is a fairly new rider on the circuit. Winning the overall Dew Tour Dirt title was the main factor behind Anthony achieving notoriety. A few years later, at the 2009 X-Games, Napolitan landed the first-ever double front flip in X-Games big air. This was a big deal and came with a lot of great sponsorships and opportunities for the young rider.

Placing in both BMX dirt and BMX air is a hard thing to do at the X-Games. Anthony Napolitan is one of only three people that's managed to do this.

Chad Degroot

Chad Degroot

Another American flatland BMX rider, Chad Degroot grew up in Green Bay during the 70's. Chad is another flatland pioneer and ambassador, starting out at just 17 years old, his style has developed massively, showing a great originality. To show that great originality, just look at a few of the tricks he's behind. The cross-footed wheelchair roll, named the baglady and the hijacker, which is a crackpacker behind the seat, are just two of Degroots inventions.

It's not common to see BMX flatland riders be good at more than one riding discipline but Chad is different. He's developed a great career in both flatland and street riding. This riding hasn't gone unnoticed, giving Degroot some great accolades. One of which being a video game character designed in his image. Growing up in the frigid region of Wisconsin caused Chad to spend a lot of time in indoor skateparks, I'm guessing this is the reason for his part ownership in Orlando's Mission skatepark.

Profile Mini Cassette Hubs

profile mini bmx hub cassette Click Here to Check Best Price

You probably already know that Profile made their name by making the best and highest quality BMX hubs ever. They definitely aren't cheap but if you have money to invest in your bike then Profile BMX hubs will last you a good long time.

I decided to review the Profile Mini Hub set because of it's all round design. Profile wanted to make a hub that would be suitable for anyone wanting to hit the park, street, trails or even race tracks. Profile Mini hubs are recognisable due to the good quality craftsmanship and the signature loud click they give off.

Profile hubs are designed and made in America, not helping the price but doing this helps Profile oversee all production, further increasing their amazing quality. Another great aspect of the Profile Mini hub set Is the customizability options. The hub colours offer the most customizability. The base range is nearly 20 different colours long and that's without adding the limited edition and signature series colours on top. As well as the hub colour you can also make many other choices on things like: Titanium axles, male/female axles, bolt types, driver options and much more.

profile cassette mini hub

The Shadow Conspiracy

shadow conspiracy bmx parts

Shadow are one of those companies that are great at not spreading themselves too thin with their product line. Instead of trying to flood the market with mediocre bikes and frames, TSC aimed to stand out from the rest with the insane quality of their parts. The main BMX part I'm talking about is the Shadow Interlock chain.

From the company's humble beginnings back in 2002 Shadow have concentrated on perfecting one part at a time. After so on top, they've accrued a product line, most of which being recognized as one the best parts in their field.

The Shadow Conspiracy Pro Team

Simone Barraco

simone barraco

Barraco is a very humble rider from Italy. Growing up and riding in Italy must be a dream for a significant number of riders. Simone is a popular street rider who begun as a teenage gymnast. There's no doubt that the skill and strength he gained as a gymnast has helped build his amazing street style.

After filming his first BMX part in Tel Aviv, Barraco's career really took off. The technical ability he showed in his tricks got him an invitation to X Games LA. He finished 5th in this event, which is an incredible performance for a 20-year-old rider. The next few years saw Simone cement sponsorships at big companies like Red Bull and The Shadow Conspiracy while also placing brilliantly in competitions like the Texas Toast, 2013 and the Munich Mash, 2014.

Trey Jones

Trey Jones

In the age of social media there has been an influx of popular riders that explode on social media. Trey is one of these people. He's garnered a large online following who love his aged riding style and punk music tastes. Jones is well known for his ever-changing backyard skatepark. The ramps have been evolving and changing since he began while showing the progress on his Instagram page. As well as being sponsored by The Shadow Conspiracy, Trey also has some other big-name brands behind him, such as Vans and Cult BMX.

Lahsaan Kobza

Lahsaan Kobza

Lahsaan is one of only a few American riders on this post. He boasts very smooth and stylish riding in and around Phoenix AZ. Starting out like a lot of professional riders, Kobza became a pro BMX racer at a young age. Being good at BMX racing provides riders with a great deal of advantages. Speed and control gained through racing round BMX tracks helps more than you'd think when transferring over to BMX dirt jumping or street riding.

Gaining sponsorship from Shadow and other big companies wasn't the first time Kobza was noticed for his riding skill. At the ripe old age of 14 he was winning ABA world championships and getting great sponsorship deals from Factory Hyper and Nag 2.

Shadow Conspiracy Supreme Bike Chain

shadow conspiracy supreme chain Click Here to Check Best Price

In many people's opinion, half link chains have a design flaw. Some riders, incorrectly in my opinion, think half link chains aren't as strong as regular full link chains.

As Shadow started to use better forging process' they've increased the strength of the Supreme BMX chain massively. This chain can now support over 1500KG's, making it one of the strongest bike chains on the market.

The downsides of this chain are that it isn't the cheapest out there. The whole line of Shadow Interlock and supreme chains are some of the most expensive available for BMX but the experience of buying and using a Shadow Conspiracy chain is a lot like buying from Apple.

Unlike most BMX chains, the Shadow Supreme Chain is very wide. Two master pins make the chain very easy to work with and shorten. It's easy to jump to the conclusion that since this chain and its plates are so thick and wide then it's going to be super heavy. The company has done a great job with this though. Keeping the weight down under 400 grams, Shadow have been impressive with the weight loss of these new chains.

Best UK BMX Brands

Best American BMX Brands

What Makes a Good BMX Brand?

Identifying a top-tier BMX brand involves a multi-faceted evaluation. Here's what sets the best apart:

Brand Reputation

A solid reputation is crucial. It’s not just about the brand’s promises but how well they deliver. Brands with decades of experience often rise to the top, but newcomers with strong reputations can also make the cut.

Product Range

A diverse product lineup is key to being competitive. The best BMX brands not only offer exceptional BMX bikes but also extend their range to include other types like racing and mountain bikes.


Success in the BMX market means offering options for all budgets. The best brands have bikes for both premium customers and those on a tight budget. Catering to a wider audience fuels greater success.

Customer Support

Excellent after-sales service sets a brand apart. From customer support to maintenance tips, top brands go the extra mile to keep their customers satisfied.


Staying on the cutting edge of design trends is vital. The leading brands consistently innovate, offering up-to-date designs that capture both attention and sales.

Frequently Asked BMX Brand Questions

Are expensive BMX bikes always better?

No. There are many reasons for a BMX bike to be expensive. Brand recognition and artificial hype can cause a bike to sell for more than it's worth. You should look at the bikes parts and brand to calculate whether the price is worth it.

Is brand reputation important for BMX bikes?

Yes. While reputation can artificially affect the price of products, it's usually a solid signifier of how good a brands products are. Companies like Profile and Hope have well-developed reputations for creating the strongest BMX parts available. You should consider brand reputation when making purchases but don't solely rely on this.

Do the best BMX brands also offer other types of bikes?

Most of the best bmx brands only sell BMX bikes. However there are some brands that venture into other cycling disciplines. For example, Mongoose bikes sell BMX bikes and mountain bikes.

How often do BMX brands update their designs?

Update intervals vary wildly. Most brands release new products or variations every year. Some popular products get updates every year, some are updated every few years and some are never updated. It all depends on the popularity of the BMX product and the financial viability of the company.

What is the oldest BMX Brand?

Originally starting with motorcycles, Redline Bicycles are considered to be the first BMX brand. Started by Linn Katan and Mike Konle in Califonia of 1970.

Vote for your favorite bike brand!

The Shadow Conspiracy

All BMX Brands

Below is a list of all BMX brands that have been created since the early 1970s.

  • 100%
  • Adidas
  • Alienation
  • Altamont
  • Animal
  • Answer
  • Anthem
  • Anti Hero
  • Antidote
  • Arcade
  • Auburn Cycles
  • Banned
  • Beto
  • Bicycle Union
  • Black Ops
  • Bone Deth
  • Boss Bicycles
  • Box
  • BSD
  • Cambian Action Sports
  • Case BMX
  • CHPO
  • Ciao
  • Ciari
  • Cinema
  • Continental
  • Cook Bros. Racing
  • Cryptic
  • Cuda
  • Cult
  • CW Racing
  • Cycle Pro
  • Dailygrind
  • Death Lens
  • Demolition
  • Dia-Compe
  • Diamond Back
  • Dickies
  • Dicta
  • Dig
  • DK Bicycles
  • Doomed
  • Dub
  • Duo
  • Dyno
  • Eastern Bikes
  • Eclat
  • ELF
  • Emerica
  • ETC
  • Ethik
  • Etnies
  • Fairdale
  • FBM Bike Company
  • Federal
  • Fiend
  • Fit
  • Fitbikeco.
  • Fly
  • Footprint
  • Free Agent
  • Further
  • Fuse
  • General Bicycles
  • GHP
  • G-Sport
  • GT Bicycles
  • Halo
  • Haro
  • Help
  • Hoffman Bikes
  • Huffy
  • Hutch
  • Identiti
  • Independent
  • innova
  • Intense Cycles
  • IRC
  • Jet BMX
  • JMC Racing
  • Jump Club
  • Kenda
  • Kink
  • KMC
  • Kool Stop
  • Kuwahara
  • Lakai
  • Lord
  • Lotek
  • Madera
  • Mankind
  • Marie Jade
  • Maxxis
  • MCS
  • MCS Bicycles
  • Merritt
  • Metal Bikes
  • Mission
  • Mongoose
  • Mosh
  • Muc-Off
  • Murray
  • Mutiny
  • New Balance
  • Nike SB
  • Nutrak
  • ODI
  • Odyssey
  • O'Neal
  • Onyx
  • OSS
  • Park Tools
  • Patterson Racing
  • Polar Skate Co
  • Powell Peralta
  • Powerlite
  • Premium
  • Primitive
  • Primo
  • Profile Racing Inc.
  • Promax
  • Proper
  • Props
  • Pro-tec
  • Q-Tubes
  • Quasi
  • Race Inc.
  • Radio
  • Raleigh
  • Rant
  • Redline
  • Relic
  • Revenge
  • Ripcare
  • Robinson
  • S&M Bikes
  • Salt
  • Saltplus
  • Santa Cruz
  • Saris
  • Savage Components
  • Schwinn
  • SE Bikes
  • SE Racing
  • Shadow
  • Shimano
  • Sidley Woods Locals
  • SKNY
  • Skyway
  • Source
  • Space Brace
  • Specialized
  • Spitfire
  • Staats
  • Stance
  • Standard Bykes
  • State
  • Stay Strong
  • Stranger
  • Strider
  • Subrosa
  • Sunday Bikes
  • Sunlite
  • Supercross
  • Tall Order
  • Tangent
  • Taya
  • Tektro
  • Terrible One
  • THE
  • The Ting
  • The Trip
  • Thrasher
  • Tioga
  • TNT Bicycles
  • Torker
  • Total BMX
  • Trebol
  • Tricktopz
  • Troy Lee
  • TSG
  • Tubolito
  • United
  • Vans
  • Vee Tire Co.
  • Verde
  • Volume
  • Wall To Wall
  • Weldtite
  • Wellgo
  • WeThePeople Bike Co.
  • Wheels Manufacturing
  • WPL
  • Zero

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