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Sunday BMX has developed a professional-grade BMX for a third of the price. This bike feels, looks and rides just like you'd expect from a completely bespoke BMX bike.

Often when purchasing intermediate or advanced BMX bike you're given a lot of off-brand or same-brand parts. Refreshingly, Sunday has used some of the best BMX parts you'll find all across this website. From the Odyssey Clutch freecoaster to the Sunday Freeze stem.

Review of: Sunday Forecaster BMX Bike Review 2023

Uses: Park & Street mainly. Dirt possible

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product rating

The chainstay, seat tube and head-tube has well thought geometry for a comfortable ride.

price rating


product rating

This bike is very reasonably priced for an intermediate park/street BMX.

TLD gloves durability


product rating

Most parts are reputable and high-quality. Some could be better.

design quality


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Very well designed paint and geometry through working with professionals.

We Like

positive points  Good Price for the Category

positive points  Well Branded Parts

positive points  Easily Upgradable

positive points  Well-thought-out Geometry

positive points  Gorgeous Paint and Signature Design

We Don't Like

negative points  Some Parts Could be Better

negative points  Could be More Specific for Intermediate Riders

negative points  Too Many Options

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Company History of Sunday BMX

sunday bmx company

Sunday bikes are one of the newer BMX companies, starting up in 2005. The main goal of the company was similar to a lot of brands. They felt that the existing products on the market were unreliable and not as good as they should be.

In the early 2000s, the biggest issues BMX companies faced were the strength vs weight issue. Chromoly and aluminium frames were nowhere near as advanced as they are today. Companies had to battle between a durable, long-lasting steel frame and a lightweight frame that broke or bent within the year.

Sunday used features like Wave tubing, hollow dropouts, 41-Thermal® heat-treating and a high level of manufacturing innovation to come out ahead of many other brands around at the time.

In that first year after their inception, Sunday released the Triumph bars and Morning forks. This was the first time a BMX part had received the 41 Thermal heat-treating processes.

Over the next several years, Sunday released several groundbreaking frames, with improvements such as tubing shapes, hollow dropouts, and cable channelling making their debut in the BMX world.

Throughout these later years of the 2000s, Sunday began building their professional BMX team. Aaron Ross and Ian Schwartz were two of the first riders to come in and work on their first signature frames. It's impressive that these frames are still so widely used and popular.

Review of the Sunday Forecaster Park BMX

sunday forecaster bmx bike

photo credit  Photo by @stevebodhi

The Forecaster is quite confusing. Sunday has released this product with so many variations that some should really be separate products.

There are 3 top tube sizes, one version with a cassette while the rest have freecoasters, one specific park version and 5 different signature versions with different color schemes. Aaron Ross, Maca Perez Grasset, Brett Silva, Broc Raiford and Alec Siemon all have signature versions of this BMX.

I don't like this version of releasing products. It's impossible to recommend this product to any one rider because each version is suited to completely different types of riders. For example, the Maca Perez Grasset version is a brilliant park setup but the 2023 Aaron Ross signature, featuring a freecoaster, is much better for street riding.

Most of this bike is made from Chromoly, a very common material for BMX bikes in this category. I think the frame, completely made from Chromoly, is very well made and has a solid base. Unfortunately the bars and forks kind of take away from this.

The bars are generic Sunday 2-piece bars that are completely made from hi-tensile steel. The forks are Sunday Forecasters with a Chromoly steerer tube. A $579.99 price tag is already a super fair price. I think they could have happily increased this slightly to improve the materials of these parts. In my opinion, it would put off some intermediate riders as they'll believe they need to replace parts soon after purchasing.

I have a positive opinion of the geometry of this bike. The chainstay will fall between 13.2" and 13.5". I'd generally view this as a long chainstay; giving you good stability but more difficulty with spin tricks. You also don't get much room between the shortest and longest options.

A steep 75.5° head-tube angle counteracts some aspects of the long chainstay. The bike feels responsive and fast at the front end.

dropouts on the forecaster frame seat tube and frame geometry

photo credit  Photo by @claydoggsbikes

Signature Sunday Forecaster Models

aaron ross signature bmx bike

photo credit  Photo by @claydoggsbikes

Over the past several years Sunday has worked with several different professional BMX riders to create models of the Forecaster bike. Each model has some of the pro riders' signature parts and colours to differentiate them from the others.

My personal favourite is the Aaron Ross signature. Ross is a Texan BMX rider with great power, finesse and talent. A very progressive street rider, he rides for Sunday, Etnies and more. On this signature, Aaron and Sunday have used the signature Odyssey Aaron Ross Seat.

The Maca Perez Grasset model is the only park-specific bike in this lineup. Maca is a Chilean park cyclist who is one of the top female BMX athletes. I believe she's also one of the only women to have a signature BMX bike. On this bike, they have used a slightly different park-style geometry with an Odyssey Gyro, Odyssey Springfield brakes and a cassette hub.

odyssey springhanger bmx brakes odyssey bmx top load stem

photo credit  Photo by @claydoggsbikes

Sunday Forecaster Pros

sunday forecaster bmx parts

photo credit  Photo by @claydoggsbikes

good things Good Price for the Category

Depending on the version, you can purchase this bike for around $579. For lower intermediate riders this will be a great option. You get some high-quality parts with useful geometry, while the downsides won't affect you too much.

good things Well Branded Parts

This bike boasts impressive parts like the Odyssey Clutch V2 freecoaster, Odyssey Twisted Pro pedals, Sealed hubs and several signature-designed parts. These will provide a good introduction to high-quality parts without you needing to build your own bike.

good things Easily Upgradable

Since Sunday has used many other brands for the parts on these bikes, it makes it much easier for you to upgrade in the future. There's lots of information online about fitting, maintenance and replacements.

good things Well-thought-out Geometry

As mentioned above, the chainstay, head-tube angle and standover height have obviously been researched well. These dimensions work together well to keep the bike stable but responsive.

good things Gorgeous Paint and Signature Design

Although I don't like the number of options Sunday has released for this bike, I can't argue with how nice the colour schemes are. The Aaron Ross signature has a simple black-and-white theme with his signature Aaron Ross splatter stickers and pivotal seat.

Cons of the Sunday Forecaster BMX

caution icon Forks and Bars Could be Better Material

The frame, cranks, hub and pedals are all great products, made from high-quality materials. I love that about this bike. I think Sunday has just cut a couple of corners by not adding better bars and forks to this bike.

caution icon Could be More Specific for Intermediate Riders

When a rider reaches the intermediate stage they are often solely riding one BMX discipline. As riders get better they will recognise which type of riding becomes easier for them and narrow down on that style. For Sunday to create a bike that is usable in so many different disciplines I think it will put a few people off.

caution icon Too Many Options

I've said this above but there are just too many options under the Sunday Forecaster brand name. Extensive research has proven that too many consumer options can stall a customer's decision-making process. I think Sunday could be doing that with this product.

Other Intermediate BMX Choices

There is a wide range of intermediate BMX bikes on the market. You should look for BMX bikes between $400 and $600. I have picked out a few that are similar to the Sunday Forecaster.

Within Sunday, the Scout BMX is very similar when it comes to parts and geometry. It's a slightly cheaper bike so some of the parts won't be as good but if you're on a budget this is a great alternative.

The Ex Elstran BMX designed by Sunday and professional rider Erik Elstran is another great option. You will be paying a little bit more but you'd be entering the professional level of bikes here. This is also a street-dedicated bike with 4-piece bars and a freecoaster.

Specs, Parts and Geometry of the Sunday Forecaster

odyssey twisted pro pedals custom forecaster saddle

photo credit  Photo by @stevebodhi


  • Frame: Sunday Forecaster, 100% Chromoly w/ integrated 1-1/8" head tube
  • Fork: Sunday Forecaster, 20" fork w/ 2-piece Chromoly steerer tube
  • Handlebar: Sunday 2-piece bars
  • Stem: 48mm Sunday Freeze front load
  • Headset: FSA integrated conical, 1-1/8"
  • Alloy Cap: Aluminum Sunday M16
  • Brake Lever: Odyssey Springfield
  • Brakes: Odyssey Springfield U-brake
  • Brake Cable: Odyssey Quik Slic
  • Grips: Odyssey Keyboard v2, dual-compound
  • Seat: Odyssey Aaron Ross, Pivotal
  • Seat Post: Sunday Pivotal
  • Seat Clamp: Sunday
  • Sprocket: Sunday Sabertooth v2, 25T, steel
  • Cranks: 160mm, 3-piece, Chromoly
  • BB Parts: Sealed, Mid, 19mm
  • Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC Pro
  • Rims: Odyssey Stage 1, 20", 36H
  • Front Hub: Sunday, 36H, low-flange, sealed, 3/8" female axle
  • Rear Hub: Odyssey Clutch V2 FC, 36H, 14mm female axle w/ 9T driver
  • Spokes: 14g steel
  • Tires: Odyssey Path Pro OEM, 20 x 2.4"
  • Chain: KMC Z1 wide
  • Weight: 26.78lbs

Frame Geometry:

  • Chainstay Length: 13.2" - 13.5"
  • Bottom Bracket Height: 11.7"
  • Standover: 9"
  • Top Tube Length: 20.5"
  • Head Tube Angle: 75.5°
  • Seat Tube Angle: 71°

Handlebar Geometry:

  • Rise: 9"
  • Width: 28.5"
  • Backsweep: 12°
  • Upsweep:

Does the Sunday Forecaster BMX Bike Come with a Warranty?

Sunday offers a lifetime warranty for its 41-Thermal products. If the products bend, crack or break under normal riding conditions, Sunday will replace them at no additional cost. This warranty does not cover damage caused by external forces such as cars, tornadoes, or sledgehammers.

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