odyssey r32 bmx fork

2019 Odyssey


The Odyssey R-32 2019 BMX forks offer balanced steering with a 32mm offset and durable 4130 Chromoly construction. Ideal for varied riding, they feature enhanced peg clearance and are slightly heavier, offering a relaxed feel. A higher investment for quality and versatility, suitable for diverse BMX enthusiasts.

  • Category: Steering, Forks
  • Price: $175
  • Height: 315mm
  • Steerer Tube Length: 166mm
  • Bearing Race: Integrated
  • Offset: 32mm
  • 32mm offset balances steering
  • Durable 41-thermal 4130 Chromoly
  • Built-in bearing race
  • Specially designed for grinding and peg clearance
  • Heavier compared to some
  • Less suitable for highly specialized riding
  • Higher price point
  • More relaxed feel not ideal for aggressive street riding
$175 from Danscomp Affiliate Link

photo credit  Photo by odysseybmx.com

The Odyssey R-32 BMX Bike Forks for 2024 blend optimal control and durability for a versatile riding experience. Designed with a 32mm offset, these forks offer a balanced steering ideal for diverse BMX disciplines, from trails to dirt parks. Crafted from high-strength 41-thermal 4130 Chromoly, they ensure resilience and longevity. The forks feature a built-in bearing race and are engineered with 4mm dropouts for enhanced grinding and peg clearance. Although heavier than some alternatives at 878 grams, they remain responsive and reliable. However, their heft and more relaxed feel might not suit riders looking for highly specialized or aggressive street riding. Despite a higher price point, their quality and design justify the investment, making them a top choice for riders seeking versatility and durability.

Odyssey R32 Specifications

  • Height: 315mm
  • Steerer Tube Length: 166mm
  • Bearing Race: Integrated
  • Offset: 32mm
  • Compression Bolt: 24x1.5mm
  • Compression Bolt Tool: 6mm or 8mm Allen Key
  • Weight: 31.2 oz

More Images of the Odyssey R32 Steering

odyssey r32 dropouts

photo credit  Photo by odysseybmx.com

odyssey r-32 silver forks

photo credit  Photo by odysseybmx.com

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