Nukeproof vector comp saddle

If you're an avid mountain biker like me, you know that a saddle can make or break your ride. That's why I was excited to test out the Nukeproof Vector AM Comp Saddle.

With Nukeproof's reputable history in the mountain biking scene, my expectations were high. Let me tell you, this saddle is a brilliant choice for almost all mountain bikers.

Crafted for the serious all-mountain rider, the Vector AM Comp offers a balance of comfort and performance. Its design aims to reduce pressure points and support an aggressive riding style.

Stay tuned as I dive deep into its features, pros, cons, and the warranty that backs it. Trust me, you'll want to hear about this one.

Review of: Nukeproof Vector AM Comp Saddle

Uses: Mountain Bike Saddle

We Like

positive points  Inspired by fighter jet aerodynamics for performance

positive points  Strong CrMo rails enhance saddle durability

positive points  Wipe-clean surface simplifies maintenance

positive points  Weighs only 240 grams, beneficial for speed

positive points  Unique, dynamic design adds aesthetic value

We Don't Like

negative points  Limited padding may cause discomfort

negative points  Firm profile could be hard on sit bones

negative points  Waterproof cover becomes slippery in wet conditions

negative points  Central channel can trap mud and water

negative points  Not ideal for extended, multi-hour rides

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Nukeproof History and Information

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Nukeproof Industries was founded in 1990 by John Muenzenmeyer in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company aimed to meet the demands of the '90s mountain bike market with innovative solutions and exotic materials like titanium and carbon fiber.

Nukeproof gained fame for its high-end carbon/aluminum hubs and other trailblazing components. Athletes like James Bethea helped represent the brand in races, bringing a unique blend of skill and attitude.

However, a downturn in the American bicycle market left the company struggling. In 2004, Northern Irish downhill racer Michael Cowan took the opportunity to acquire and rejuvenate the brand, aligning it with a team of experienced, passionate riders.

Relaunching in Belfast in 2007, Nukeproof shifted its focus towards gravity-led products like Titanium Springs and wider handlebars. The brand introduced its first bike, the "Mega," designed to perform in the famous French endurance race, The Megavalanche, after a 3-year development program.

Around the same time, ex-Downhill Masters World Champion Nigel Page was assembling a UCI Downhill World Cup race team. He partnered with Nukeproof to develop components that met the team's high standards, ultimately leading to the creation of Nukeproof's first downhill frame, the Scalp.

Today, all Nukeproof products are designed and developed in Belfast. The brand expanded its reach in 2022 by launching Nukeproof US in Salt Lake City, Utah. They sponsor numerous teams and athletes competing globally, and their products have received critical acclaim from international mountain bike media.

Nukeproof's involvement with three-time Downhill World Champion Sam Hill has been especially noteworthy. Hill's input has been key in developing new products, and he has a signature series of Nukeproof components tailored to his requirements.

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nukeproof mountain bike saddle

Nukeproof Vector AM Comp Saddle Review

  • Inspired by fighter jet aerodynamics for performance
  • Strong CrMo rails enhance saddle durability
  • Wipe-clean surface simplifies maintenance
  • Weighs only 240 grams, beneficial for speed
  • Unique, dynamic design adds aesthetic value
  • Limited padding may cause discomfort
  • Firm profile could be hard on sit bones
  • Waterproof cover becomes slippery in wet conditions
  • Central channel can trap mud and water
  • Not ideal for extended, multi-hour rides
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The Nukeproof Vector AM Comp Saddle catches your eye with its sleek, modern lines. These aesthetics are inspired by the aerodynamics of fighter jets, and they contribute to the saddle's performance.

It's built with durable chromoly (CrMo) rails that add an extra layer of strength. This design feature makes it ideal for riders who like to test their limits on challenging terrains.

The saddle's upper waterproof cover is seamlessly bonded to a colored nylon base. This eliminates unnecessary overlap and helps the saddle weigh in at just 240g.

Despite its minimal padding, the saddle offers a firm but racey feel. During steep climbs, I found that tipping the nose down slightly provided a better angle to push against.

The saddle is versatile, designed for both road and mountain biking. Its deeply cut central channel aids in pressure relief but also tends to collect mud and grit.

In terms of performance, the saddle holds up well under various conditions. Its wipe-clean surface remained in top shape even after exposure to harsh weather.

However, the saddle can get slippery when wet. This requires a bit of adjustment in the seating angle to prevent sliding off.

It's a high-performance, well-constructed saddle offering good value for the money. If you're looking for a firm but fair ride, this could be a great choice for your next upgrade.

While the Nukeproof Vector AM Comp Saddle boasts several strengths, it's not a one-size-fits-all solution. Some riders, especially those who favor longer rides, have found it uncomfortably firm and lacking in padding.

One of the reviews mentioned the saddle being ideal for quick bursts of riding rather than long, epic days on the trail. This saddle's comfort range seems to be on the shorter end, limiting its appeal for long-distance treks.

Another reviewer highlighted that the saddle's surface can get slippery when wet. I found this to be true and had to adjust my seating angle accordingly during a rainy ride.

The saddle has a deeply cut central channel for pressure relief. While effective, it can also act as a collection point for mud, grit, and water, especially when tilted forward. This led to my padded shorts absorbing more water than usual.

On the upside, reviews praised its durability and how it still looked new after extended use. Its wipe-clean surface is easy to maintain, allowing it to stand up to various weather conditions.

Some found it to be a great value for the money, even saying they'd be willing to pay three times the price for a carbon version. If you're someone who values durability and is looking for a shorter ride, it could be an excellent fit.

It's clear that the saddle's firmness and minimal padding are polarizing features. They work for riders looking for a more feedback-oriented experience, but not for those seeking a cushiony, isolated feel.

Incorporating the collective wisdom from multiple users, this saddle is a high-performance, well-constructed piece of gear best suited for quick rides. If you prefer a firm but fair saddle and don't mind some of its quirks, this could be a solid choice for your next gear upgrade.

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  • Rails: CrMo
  • Size: 275mm X 142mm
  • Use: Road, Mountain Bike (MTB)
  • Weight: 240gs

Pricing and Availability

This saddle is pretty widely available. You can purchase various versions, options, and colors on the Nukeproof website. Prices range between £45 and £65.

Alternatively, most of the big mountain bike retailers sell this saddle for a similar price.

Chain Reaction Cycles offers the Vector AM Comp for 56% off, at £19.99. This price is as of writing in October 2023.

Nukeproof Warranty and Returns

Nukeproof offers a warranty against manufacturing defects for varying periods depending on this product. The Vector AM Comp Saddle falls under Nukeproof components, warrantied for 2 years. This covers the original purchaser for defects in materials and workmanship.

Proof of purchase is essential to validate your warranty period. Should you transfer ownership, the warranty becomes null and void. Any repairs or replacements made under warranty will be covered for the remainder of the original warranty period.

Take note that this warranty doesn't cover items damaged by wear and tear, neglect, or misuse. Specific issues like failed bearings due to lack of maintenance aren't covered either. Additionally, if you power wash your saddle and water ingress occurs, the warranty will be invalidated.

Nukeproof isn't responsible for any direct, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from any breach of warranty. So losses like loss of use, revenue, or business aren't covered.

If an accident occurs, Nukeproof does offer a crash replacement service on all frames within the warranty period. The saddle doesn't specifically fall under this, but it's a part of Nukeproof's comprehensive customer care ethos.

To make a warranty claim, you'll need to complete an online form and submit it to the retailer where you purchased the item. This form should include customer details, product details, and evidence like photographs of the issue.