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dmr oioi our choice


A great mix of mountain bike styling with a dirt jumping target. Comfortable, stylish and strong.

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eclat bios budget pick

Eclat BIOS

A BMX style saddle that's comfortable and works well on a dirt jump bike. Great leather design and top branding.

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gusset s2 saddle

Gusset S2

An award winning line of bike saddles. The S2 DJ was specifically designed for dirt jumpers. Very High-Quality.

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Comfort is incredibly important on any bike. The mechanics and parts may be top notch but if you aren't comfortable on your saddle for long periods then you aren't going to enjoy your bike.

All cycling disciplines have different optimal shapes for their saddles. Racing bikes have long, thin saddles with little padding, mountain bikes are similar but with a little more padding, BMX bikes have the most padding[] and are often made from fabric. They can be bought in thin, mid or fat versions. Finally, DJ saddles are in between these. They have quite a lot of padding but they're also streamlined.

As you'll read further on, you can often use mountain bike saddles and BMX saddles interchangeably on a dirt jumping bike.


DMR OIOI Dirt Jumping Saddle

dmr oioi deakinator signature seat

photo credit  Photo by seraph

The OIOI saddle features more of a mountain bike style than most seats used on dirt jumpers. It's a thin design with rail mounts. DMR advertises the product as suitable for everyone from dirt jumpers to enduro and downhill riders.

DMR worked with Ben Deakin on the design of this product. Deakin is a former Royal Marine turned professional downhill mountain bike rider and coach. When The Deakinator isn't riding professional competitions he's a popular content creator.

OIOI construction is similar to most mountain bike saddles, with a profile very similar to the DMR Stage saddle. A nylon base is topped with lightweight foam padding and a synthetic, perforated leather or canvas cover. Cro-mo steel rails are also included.

I like the indent down the middle of the saddle. Described as a hammock shape by some riders. The shape of the DMR OIOI is much more refined than the typical fat BMX seat. Looking at this seat you can imagine being comfortable sitting here for an extended period.

For the price and input from The Deakinator, you can't go wrong with this product. It's cheap enough to try out while being produced by one of the top DJ brands.

signature dmr oioi saddle

photo credit  Photo by jukka4130


  • Lightweight CroMo Rails
  • Dynamic Profiling
  • Dimensions: 278mm x 147mm
  • Weight: 270g
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Closer look of the DMR DEATHGRIP | DMR OiOi Seat Post Kits


2023 Gusset S2 DJ Saddle

gusset s2 dj saddle

photo credit  Photo by

Gusset started out as a dirt jumping and BMX brand, which is quite uncommon for most brands. Since then they've evolved to sell a wide array of parts for mountain bikes and more. The brand has filled a good hole in the mountain biking industry, creating a solid reputation for making solid parts, tough enough for pros to run them consistently.

After looking at a lot of the Gusset parts you'll realize that they give their designers a lot of freedom. This freedom comes in the form of extravagant floral patterns and unique shapes and features.

The S2 series was launched with immediate awards and success. This version of the saddle is specifically designed for dirt jumping but they've released several models in the S2 range for various types of riding.

Matt Jones, a popular British dirt jump rider, worked alongside Gusset to design the DJ model of the S2 saddle. To begin the process the team took the look and feel of the previous S2 AM mountain bike saddle and integrated it into this pivotal model.

Gusset released a pretty comprehensive article on the development process of the S2. New Anti-Slide™ grippers are intelligently placed around the body. On the MTB versions, they are placed on the top corners to prevent you from slipping from side to side. On the DJ model, however, you can see these new Anti-Slide™ slippers on either side of the nose.

Gripping these with your knees while performing any sort of bar trick feels very comfortable. You can concentrate on the trick much easier knowing I don't need to worry about my knees being in the right place.


  • Hard-wearing fabric
  • Anti-Slide™grip points
  • Fitment: Pivotal
  • Size: Mid
  • Color: Black, Marble
  • Weight: 290g
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Eclat BIOS BMX Seat

eclat bios bmx saddle

photo credit  Photo by

Eclat has developed and used a unique, custom-designed seat base for the BIOS seat. It's a pivotal base that can be attached to your choice of seat post. You will gain some useful strength and durability with this new Eclat design.

It took Eclat over 2 years to fully design and release the new base structure for the BIOS saddle. During the testing progress, they reported seeing a huge improvement in strength over the front and rear of the product.

You can tell by looking at some of the pictures from the underside of the saddle that they've really concentrated on cost-effective strength changes. There's a well-thought-out plastic structure connecting the foam padding to the innovative seat post connector.

You have a lot of options to choose from when buying the Eclat BIOS. Their best option for dirt jumpers is the “Performance Black” option which features a high-tech multi-compound top cover with grippy rubber panels on the sides. These grippy panels are located perfectly to help your knees when gripping for barspins.


  • Material: Injected Pivotal Base
  • Weight: 283g - 388g
  • Colors: Black, Brown Leather, Blue Leather, Performance Black, Technical Black, Fade, Vision Camo, Electra White
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Cult x Vans Old Skool BMX Saddle

cult and vans bmx saddle

photo credit  Photo by @alldhsale

Everyone knows where vans started. They've controlled a large share of the shoe market for a long time. They were very popular with BMX and dirt jump riders even before they started releasing all their collaborations.

Cult and Vans obviously have a very good working relationship. It's now been many years since them successfully producing and selling BMX parts they've collaborated on. The waffle grips and waffle tires are definitely the most popular but they've also released a pair of shoes and this stylish BMX saddle.

You can buy this saddle in three different versions. There are no differences between the structure of the product, you're just getting a different color depending on which one you purchase.

There is a solid black colorway, a black and gray version with a white side stripe and a checkered pattern that looks like Vans had a lot to do with the design.

I like this product because it's got a great material design from a company like Vans but it's also useful to have the expertise of a top BMX brand like Cult. It's much better than seeing Vans try to venture out and make their own sub-par BMX saddles.

integrated bmx saddle 2023

photo credit  Photo by @alldhsale


  • Type: Pivotal
  • Size: Mid
  • Colors: Gray, Black, Checkered
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Vans X Cult Slip on pro seat explained & review

DMR Sect Combo DJ Saddle 2023

dmr dirt jumping sect combo seat

photo credit  Photo by

DMR is probably the top dirt-jumping brand in 2023. I love the company and the products are always high-quality no matter what type of bike they're on.

The Sect model of the DJ saddle will appear a couple of times on this list. DMR has designed this simple but targeted product for every type of dirt jumper. From there they have created variations in color and style for granular options to suit all riders.

From afar you won't find a more simple saddle on this list. It's only up close that you will appreciate the intricate designs printed onto the black leather.

Riding with this seat I enjoy how limited the padding is. I can still be comfortable when resting on the seat but I don't feel it getting in the way when in the air. I have sufficient suspension so I don't need a super fat seat like on a BMX.

Most BMX and dirt jumping saddles will be supplied alone and with rails to attach the seat tube. DMR has opted to go for the integrated seat tube.

An integrated seat tube reduces weight, cost and allows you to slam the seat extremely low. Unfortunately, you can't adjust the seat angle like you can on most mountain bikes. There's a good argument to be made that they're also slightly lower quality due to the plastic construction.


  • Weight: 250g
  • Seat Post: 27mm
  • Color: Black
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S&M Pivotal Fat Seat

s&m pivotal bmx bike seat

photo credit  Photo by

In 1987, Greg Swingrover and Chris Moeller founded S&M Bikes to create durable BMX bikes for themselves and their friends. Both were involved in the racing scene and unsatisfied with the available products. Their first creation, the K-9 D-Zine, was a blend of their favorite frames.

By late 1987, the K-9 D-Zine was replaced with Moeller's Mad Dog frame, followed by the Slam Bar in 1988 and the Dirtbike in 1989. Balancing business with BMX proved difficult, and by 1990, Swingrover left S&M to Moeller, who continued living the "BMX Lifestyle."

For over 20 years, Moeller has led S&M Bikes, prioritizing making quality bikes and maintaining their unique culture. S&M will continue to operate as long as their bikes remain unmatched and the journey stays enjoyable.

S&M produces several types of pivotal seats for BMX and mountain bikes. I think the fat pivotal Kevlar version is the most suited to dirt jump riders.

The structure of this saddle is similar to all other fat pivotal seats; with the 4 panels and a seat tube connection cover in the middle of the top panel. Similar to most brands, the company has used the rubber S&M shield to cover the connector.


  • Fitment: Pivotal
  • Padding: Fat
  • Weight: 321g
  • Color: Black
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Odyssey Ross Pivotal 2023

odyssey aaron ross saddle

photo credit  Photo by

The Odyssey Ross seat is a very generic BMX design. The fabric and panels are created similarly to most BMX saddles[] we've featured on the website.

Professional street BMX rider, Aaron Ross, has the signature label on this product. Ross grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas and developed a very progressive street riding style on the streets of his home city.

Aaron has many sponsors from Sunday Bikes to Odyssey. They've helped him create some of the most impressive riding videos on the internet.

The Ross pivotal seat is a great representation of his wild and colorful style. Odyssey has produced two versions of the Ross seat and they're by far the most colorful in the lineup.

You can purchase the Tie-Dye colorway or the splatter version. Both are very comfortable fat seats, just make sure the colorway you choose fits well with your bike.


  • Fitment: Pivotal
  • Size: Fat
  • Bolt System: Traditional, 6mm
  • Color: Tie-Dye, Splatter
  • Weight: 348g
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What's the Difference Between Dirt Jumper and MTB Seats?

BMX and Dirt Jump bikes have different intended uses. BMX bikes often use 'Fat' saddles. These are quite simple, large and very padded. It makes it much easier to grip the seat with your knees when doing tricks.

On the other hand, dirt jump bikes and mountain bikes in general are used for longer rides at faster speeds. Most of these seats are more intricately designed so you're comfortable for longer periods.

Dirt jumping is a cross between the two disciplines so a lot of the riders will switch between the two types of designs.

How do I choose the right size DJ Saddle?

You need to consider your riding style, required comfort level and the style of your bike before choosing a dirt jumper saddle.

Someone riding longer distances, as well as dirt jumps, should get something more comfortable and specific to their body, whereas someone concentrating on perfecting tricks should get something compact and low-profile.

Comfort changes a lot depending on the size and shape of your saddle. Low-profile seats are less comfortable but much better for maneuverability when riding.

Finally, you need to think about how the saddle will look on the bike. Do you have a specific color scheme you need to keep to? Do you use a lot of a specific brand?

In the end, it's all about personal preference but there are a lot of ways you can eliminate the bad options from your list.

How Often Should I Replace a DJ Saddle?

There's no rule on how often you should replace your DJ bike saddle. If you're using the bike a lot or performing heavy tricks then the material is likely to wear or brake faster.

Once you notice the fabric/leather wearing down or the base cracking you should replace the saddle. This can often not happen for several years after installing the seat so it's not something you need to worry about too much.

Can I use a Dirt Jumper Saddle for Other Types of Cycling?

Yes. There aren't many specific dirt jumping saddles so it's likely you're going to buy one from the world of BMX or mountain biking. You can normally use these saddles interchangeably between the three disciplines.

Best Brands for Dirt Jumping Saddles?

DMR, Gusset, Eclat and Odyssey came out as the best dirt jumping saddles during my testing. DMR featured several times on this list, while Eclat has designed a super special product over 2 full years of testing.

How We Found the Best Saddles for Dirt Jumping Bikes

An easy answer is just that we've ridden a lot of different bikes. Over the years I've ridden so many different BMX, DJ and MTB bikes that I've either used or been around people that are using most of the products on this list.

Any of the top picks I haven't personally chosen have been thoroughly researched by talking with subscribers and reading many reviews online.

Why Should You Trust Us?

I have been riding and researching dirt-jumping bikes for many years now. I've tested or ridden dozens of different parts and setups from cheap BMX bikes to pro-level mountain bikes. I have a good comparison between how all these different quality parts work on different types of bikes.

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