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Review of: Ride Concepts Vice

Uses: Mountain biking, Dirt Jumping, BMX

We Like

positive points  Great comfort on the pedal

positive points  Immense grip and traction

positive points  Super durable

We Don't Like

negative points  Pretty soft construction

negative points  Gets very muddy

negative points  Slightly heavy

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Ride Concepts History and Information

ride concepts logo

photo credit  Photo by rideconcepts.com

Ride Concepts emerged as a rider-centric brand, stemming from a family's passion for enhanced mountain biking shoes. Inaugurated in 2018, their aspiration was to pioneer a comprehensive collection of biking shoes, catering to every age and gender. In an already crowded market, it was imperative for Ride Concepts to carve a distinct niche.

Disenchanted with their roles in large corporations, the entrepreneurial founders chose to forge their path. They invested wholeheartedly in forming a company emphasizing top-notch fit, utility, and aesthetics in their mountain biking footwear.

Nestled in Reno, Nevada, the company thrives on the local all-season biking culture and its closeness to some of California's premier bike parks. Being riders themselves, every team member enjoys the advantage of ongoing, real-world feedback.

Beyond its base in Reno, Ride Concepts has a notable presence at bike events globally. They've nurtured an international community of biking aficionados, spanning from trail hobbyists to elite racers, all united by the pursuit of an unparalleled riding experience.

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Vice Product Information

vice mountain biking shoe 2023 mountain bike shoe by ride concepts

photo credit  Photo by rideconcepts.com

The Ride Concepts Vice stands out as a shoe tailored for dirt jump, slopestyle, and BMX enthusiasts. It boasts the RC Fuzion outsole, designed to provide an outstanding pedal connection. This outsole is distinguished by its unique sloped and inverted hexagon pattern, with more pronounced hexagons at the toe and heel, enhancing pedal sensitivity. Embedded with a D3O insole, the Vice ensures impact absorption and fatigue reduction.

This footwear was crafted in partnership with Rubber Kinetics, incorporating the innovative DST 6.0 High Grip rubber for its sole. Its exterior is adorned with suede, enhancing its longevity and safeguarding. Additional features encompass a cup outsole structure embedded with 3mm EVA for heightened shock absorption, breathable perforated ventilation, and an internal TPU shield for the toe. Its tongue design ensures trail debris stays out.

Its fitting mirrors true size specifications, delivering a comfort level often unmatched by other flat pedal shoes. It's akin to donning a stylish street shoe but with an amplified performance quotient. The Vice ensures riders have a profound sense of foot positioning, reminiscent of Vans but elevated in functionality. Its on-bike traction is impeccable, attributed to the pedal pins fitting snugly into the shoe's recessed hexagons.

While it shares similarities with Five Ten's Stealth rubber, the Vice's DST High Grip rubber possesses distinct characteristics. This rubber rebounds more swiftly than the Stealth, while its unique outsole hexagons ensure optimal traction. The shoe also grants effortless foot adjustment on pedals as required.

In wet terrains, the Vice remains steadfast with consistent traction. Nonetheless, its sole may retain mud if extensive walking is involved. Durability tests so far indicate promising longevity, devoid of any concerns.

Stacked against the Leatt DBX 2.0, the Vice weighs a tad more but compensates with superior comfort and pedal intimacy. Additionally, it showcases enhanced grip, seamlessly aligning with pedals, a feature where the DBX 2.0 lags.

Summarily, the Vice emerges as a prime choice for individuals prioritizing a high-performing shoe, rich in pedal intimacy and coziness. However, for those desiring added support and a sturdier build, the Vice might seem slightly mellow.


  • HIGH GRIP rubber outsole
  • RC Fuzion features sloped-angle inverse hexagons, varying in diameter for improved pedal contact
  • Cup outsole features 3mm EVA for additional shock absorption and comfort
  • D3O® High Impact Zone Technology insole absorbs impact and reduces fatigue
  • Durable and protective upper - Suede (Black, Olive), Suede/Canvas (Camo/Black)
  • Anti-bacterial mesh lining controls odor
  • Fully gusseted tongue prohibits intake of dirt and debris
  • Internal TPU toe protection
  • Weight: 450g per shoe

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Ride Concepts Warranty

Ride Concepts is dedicated to providing its customers with top-notch products. However, like any manufacturer, sometimes minor oversights might slip through. Here's a straightforward breakdown of their warranty:

Ride Concepts Vice Shoe Review