ISSUE 8: The Weekly BMX and Dirt Jump Newsletter | September 2020

Hi Guys,

2020 has been a super crazy year. I haven't managed to send out as many as I wanted to but I think I'm going to get on a much better schedule now.

This newsletter is going to be a monthly occurrence now. I will have much more interesting stuff to fill it up with. I will also be sending out some great stuff throughout each month for everyone to consume.

If you have any relevant submissions or feedback please respond to this email.

Have a great week!
Michael Scott


Unfortunately, for the first time since it's inception in 2004, the Crankworx competition has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. It's surprising the competition hadn't already been cancelled earlier in the pandemic but thanks to the late year competition date many were holding out hope.

Not really a 'Must Read' but I think these new dirt jumping shoes made by Ride Concepts are awesome. They're a generic but sleek design that have been developed with dirt jumping, slopestyle and BMX in mind. Read the features and technical details below and tell me these don't sound perfect for any sort of bike riding.


Upon joining the squad, Brad didn't waste anytime and met up to ride LA and the surrounding areas. With only a couple weeks of pedaling it's safe to say he didn't disappoint. When a rider like Brad laces a few personal NBD's you know it's gonna be a good one.

30 years ago BMX was very different. This is a great video of skilled riders recreating tricks from popular videos early in the sports history. They ride at some of the most famous San Diego riding spots from decades ago.

Starting in 2003, New Jersey BMX prodigy Scotty Cranmer started competing in X Games BMX Park competitions. And through the years, he amassed 14 X Games competition appearances, including three bronze medals, three silver medals and three gold medals.

Scotty's riding signaled a sea change in BMX Park riding at X Games. Before he took gold in 2006, only three other riders had ever won gold in BMX Park. Then came Scotty leading a new wave of riders that did serious battle for over a decade. It was always edge-of-your-seat competition when Scotty took to the course. From turndown frontflips to ninja walk drops over unique taco configurations on the course, Scotty did it all, with a smile on his face (after he was done competing of course...)

Here, we assembled all of Scotty's gold medal runs from his competition years at X. Enjoy!


BMX YouTube channels. There are many different formats to consume BMX biking content, YouTube is just one of them. This list is made up of the best pages from professional bike riders and BMX companies around the world.

What's the best PSI for BMX bikes. Find the recommended tire pressure to use when riding different BMX disciplines. Also learn how to check the tire pressure on any bike.

It's hard to find interesting BMX websites that deliver interesting content regularly. This list goes through the top websites for BMX bike content that you should read in 2020.

Strong and light BMX sprockets are important in 2020. We discuss the 8 best bike sprockets and answer all the important questions you have.

Are my bike tires directional? Car tires benefit from their tires being fitted in a certain rolling direction. We answer whether you need to fit your BMX, MTB or road bike tires in a certain direction and what benefit this will give you.