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BMX Track Map | Interactive BMX Dirt Tracks Map UK

MICHAEL SCOTT    •    JAN 16 2019    •    Comments

bmx racing tracks
Over the years BMX racing has become one of the most popular aspects of BMX riding. After the inception of BMX, it wasn’t long before people had to start racing. Due to the design and inspiration, BMX took from motocross, it was only right for BMX racers to race on a circuit littered with jumps and berms.

BMX started to become popular in early 80’s California. From its grassroots in dirt track racing, popularity exploded in the 1980s. World championships were held for the discipline throughout the decade but it wasn’t till early in the 90’s that it was widely recognised and integrated.

Since then BMX racing has become more and more popular, securing it a position as one of the sports of the 2008 Olympics. After a successful games, the sport really became a staple at the London games of 2012.

The vast viewership naturally garnered by an Olympic games obviously made the sport popular with many people who wouldn’t normally hear about BMX racing. Ever since then BMX racing tracks and dirt jump parks have popped up all over the UK. This interactive map shows all of these great parks and where to find them.

To use the interactive map below simply click on or hover over the red dots to see the name of that specific BMX park and its postcode.