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ISSUE 6: The Weekly BMX and Dirt Jump Newsletter | 26 January 2019

Hi Guys,

Another week brings lots more news in the world of BMX. As summer gets closer and the weather gets better around the world I expect the amount of new videos and products to ramp up. There has been some big, unfortunate news come out recently, we've added all the information you may need about it below.

We'll continue to bring you the very best and most valuable pieces of content as often as possible.

As always, if you have anything to say about this week's newsletter please feel free to reply.

Have a great week!
Michael Scott


“Avery Hill trails are at risk of being demolished. The Department of Education recently bought the land the jumps are built on but have not guaranteed the trails will be preserved. There are real fears the longstanding BMX site will be cleared and the land used in plans for a new free school in Eltham – London’s BMX community are seeking assurance this won’t happen and the trails be allowed to continue on the site.

The trails were first built in Avery Hill Park in 1996 and are used by hundreds of BMX riders from around the UK every year. Avery Hill BMX Club currently hold the lease for the land but this expires in January 2020.

Avery Hill trails are supported by local MP Clive Efford as well as lots of local Councillors who recognise the unique contribution of the site to Greenwich Borough and the whole of London; please support them in their campaign.”

If you haven't heard FBM is closing where have you been? It's huge news. FBM has been one of the big brands for quite some time. They're very influential and have made some amazing products. Steve Crandall released a statement about the closure. Read it below.

"FBM started out as a crew.

Just some friends stoked on bikes. Through our curiosity and bike riding fueled smiles, we ended up as a full fledged bike company. Unfortunately, as of January 1st (2020) we have closed the machine shop and FBM will no longer manufacture bikes.

This has been an unbelievably tough decision and we explored multiple options to maintain business as usual but we simply aren’t able to keep moving forward under existing model. That being said, we can’t thank everyone enough for being a part of FBM and helping us get this far in the world. The FBM Machine Shop opened in 2001 and built some of the best parts in BMX for 18 amazing years. You helped us build fun and share the message of community, positivity and DIY good times and we appreciate the support more than I even know how to express.

And since we started as a a crew, some day we will finish as a crew. At it’s core FBM is built around friendship, and the spirit of FBM will live on forever, in our hearts, as a lifestyle and as an idea. The heart of FBM is the people and that will never change. But FBM isn’t just for the people, it IS the people.

What we’ve all done collectively has been pretty powerful and inspiring!

The Road Goes on forever and the party never ends…

With the utmost gratitude." - Steve Crandall

P.S. - Please share some stories of FBM stoke, lets see if we can inspire the next generation!


The Joyride 150 2020 Street invitational has twenty heavy-hitters from North America going at it for a $6K purse. One really cool aspect is amateur riders can compete for a chance to earn one of three wildcard spots in the pro finals.


Courage Adams has teamed up with Red Bull to create this awesome video about his return to his birthplace of Nigeria. Adams grew up in the country, starting BMX at 12 and successfully turning pro at just 16.

In places like Nigeria cycling and in particular street BMX riding can break down walls that keep people from reaching their full potential. It definitely did for Courage Adams. In this video, Courage visits Lagos, Nigeria's biggest city, with several other pro riders to meet the locals and show off some incredible BMX riding.

'Our BMX' have created a great review video for the new Tubolito BMX innertube. They're expensive but hold some lofty claims. The company claims these tubes are half the weight and more than twice as resistant to puncture.

If they're as good as they claim to be worrying about getting a snakebite when out riding street will be a thing of the past. Give this video and some of their others a watch. They're making some great content.


Learn how to land a tailwhip on a BMX bike. An iconic trick with many variations. Infographic tutorial to learn tailwhips and variations such as backflips, 360s, double whips, whiplashes, helicopters and more.