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ISSUE 2: The Weekly BMX and Dirt Jump Newsletter | 02 October 2019

Hi Guys,

Firstly, Thank you for signing up to the Tresna newsletter. Unfortunately in the past we haven't sent out very much great content on our newsletter. Hopefully that is about to change though. Every week you will receive this newsletter that includes some interesting products, videos and articles related to BMX and dirt jumping.

I'd love to hear from you so please feel free to reply. I'd love to hear what you'd like to see us make or do.

Have a great week!
Michael Scott


I recently came across the Greg Barling YouTube channel. This may not interest everyone who reads this email as he mainly concentrates on dirt jumping but his videos are great and I recommend them to anyone who enjoys cycling.

These videos are interesting because Greg doesn't just go around riding different locations, he also enjoys designing and building the jumps he rides. If you're looking to build some jumps for yourself these videos are a great place to start.


BMX Weekly recently released the first part of a very in depth interview with the Godfather of European BMX, Gerrit Does. During the mid 70's Gerrit joined the world of BMX. It wasn't long after this that he created the University of BMX website that really increased the popularity of BMX biking throughout Europe.


As the anticipation builds for the release of our next full length Kink Team video "Champagne", livestream premiering here on Youtube November 2nd, 2019; we are excited to release part 1 of 3 of our behind the scenes series chronicling a few of the teams travels during the filming process. "Toasted" is the vision of Kink Pro Rider and videographer Calvin Kosovich, who shot and edited pieces from Germany, Spain, and the United States. Part 1 features the team traversing through Germany, shot from behind the scenes, relatively up-close and personal.

Ollie Shields loaded the Seventies van with AK, Jordan Aleppo, Chase Dehart, Anthony Panza, and Veesh then gave the crew a quick tour of some the UK's finest cutty spots...The vibes are high on this one and it reminds that hitting the road with homies is always the best of times...


I finally got around to updating and redesigning the Tresna homepage. The old homepage was very out of date and didn't include anywhere near enough information about the site and what we offer.

It'd be very helpful if you could check out the new design and any feedback will be much appreciated. Simply reply to this email and i'll get straight back to you.