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In the shifting landscape of American sports, a new champion of the two-wheel scene is emerging. BMX, with its thrilling jumps and fast-paced racing, is capturing the nation's heart at a pace that's nothing short of remarkable.

If you're curious about the dynamic world of BMX and how it's starting to outshine its more established cycling counterparts, you've come to the right place. From the underground to the limelight, BMX's journey is a testament to the sport's evolving appeal and accessibility.

This post is for the enthusiasts, the curious onlookers, and everyone in between seeking to understand this incredible surge. Let's dive into the figures that fully represent BMX's recent popularity in the US.

What We Found

Back in 2010, 42.4 million people rode bicycles of some kind in the United States. This can be anything from riding commuter bikes to work, BMX bikes dirt jumpers or road bikes.

Of that, 42.4 million, 1.96 million riders said they regularly rode BMX bikes. Unfortunately, this means BMX riders made up around 0.63% of the US population in 2010.

A larger 13.7% of the US population rode a bike of some type in 2010. This equates to 42.4 million people.

In the 12 years since 2010, BMX has grown from 4.6% of total cyclists to 7.6% of cyclists. This is great growth for the sport of BMX. It also equates to a growth of 2.22 million riders. There are now around 4.18 million BMX riders in the United States.

Cycling as a whole has also grown too. There are now 54.7 million cyclists, which is around 16.42% of the total population. This is a growth of 12.3 million people.

A Look at the Numbers

Total Bicycle Participants in the US

cycling participants chart
Year Participants
2010 42.4
2011 43
2012 42.3
2013 46.6
2014 44
2015 43.1
2016 45.8
2017 47.5
2018 47.9
2019 48.9
2020 52.7
2021 51.4
2022 54.7

Total BMX Participants in the US

bmx participants chart
Year Participants
2011 1.96
2012 1.86
2013 2.17
2014 2.35
2015 2.69
2016 3.1
2017 3.41
2018 3.44
2019 3.65
2020 3.88
2021 3.86
2022 4.18


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