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As 2024 unfolds, the fixed gear bike market is brimming with options, each promising a unique blend of style, performance, and comfort. Amidst this rich variety, the Fuji Bikes Feather stands out, acclaimed for its sleek design and reliable functionality, earning our top spot for the best fixie bike.

However, the journey to finding the ideal fixed gear bike can be daunting, with cyclists navigating a sea of choices, each with its own merits. This complexity often leaves riders pondering over what truly makes a fixie suitable for their personal style and cycling habits.

In this guide, we explore the best fixed gear bikes of 2024, highlighting not only the exceptional qualities of the Fuji Bikes Feather but also showcasing a range of other impressive models. Each bike is evaluated for its unique attributes, ensuring that every rider finds a match that resonates with their individual cycling needs and aesthetic preferences.

Our top choices

Our Choice

our choice
fuji single speed top pick

Fuji Bikes Feather

Widely regarded as the best of the best fixie bike. Fuji make some amazing products.

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cheapest choice
cheapest rigby state bike

State Bicycle Co. - Rigby

A cheaper but traditional designed fixie bike. State Bike Co make various types of this bike and they're all solid.

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Upgrade Pick

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specialized langster premium bike

Specialized Langster

A little more expensive but Specialized never disappoint with their quality and style of bike.

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Overall Best Fixie Bike

fuji bikes feather fixie bike

Fuji Bikes Feather Fixie Bike

  • Lightweight Reynolds 520 steel frame.
  • Flip-flop hub for riding versatility.
  • Reliable Tektro braking system.
  • Padded retro-style saddle.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Short seatpost limits adjustability.
  • Lacks branded components.
  • Limited frame size options.
  • Basic alloy platform pedals.
  • Requires regular maintenance.
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photo credit  Photo by IamMike

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Price
  • Overall

The 2023 Fuji Feather is a remarkable blend of vintage charm and modern functionality. Its Reynolds 520 chromoly steel frame not only adds to its retro aesthetic but also offers a lightweight, sturdy build.

Riding this bike was an absolute pleasure, especially for urban commuting. The flip-flop hub allows an easy switch between fixed gear and freewheel modes. I love this feature. The fixed gear mode is fun but very hard to use in certain situations. I appreciate being able to choose. The bike is incredibly responsive in both modes, making it a breeze to navigate through busy city streets.

While the Feather bike is equipped with quality components like Tektro brakes and Vittoria tires, the bike lacks further branded parts. However, given its affordable price point, this is understandable.

The alloy track-style crankset and sealed cartridge-bearing bottom bracket are reliable and contribute to the bike's overall performance.

One thing to note is the seat post, which is relatively short and offers limited height adjustment. So, pick the correct frame size for a comfortable ride. Fuji have released several sizing charts to cover all of their bikes. The table below shows an overall sizing guide.

Comfort is further enhanced by the padded retro-style saddle and alloy track-style drop bar, which offer various hand positions for a relaxed or aggressive riding style. Priced at around €699 or $749, the Feather provides excellent value. It's a quality bike from a trusted brand like Fuji that doesn't break the bank but also doesn't compromise on essential features. Overall, it's a bike I've thoroughly enjoyed riding and would highly recommend a stylish yet functional fixed-gear bike for anyone in the market.

Fuji Bikes Sizing Table

Height Frame Size
Feet Centimeters Frame Size
5'0" - 5'5" 152cm - 165cm S
5'4" - 5'9" 162cm - 175cm M
5'8" - 6'0" 173cm - 183cm L
5'11" - 6'2" 180cm - 188cm XL
6'1" - 6'5" 185cm - 196cm XXL


  • Frame: Double-butted Chromoly Reynolds 520 steel.
  • Fork: Fuji Chromoly, 1" threaded fork
  • Crankset: Alloy Track Style, 46T
  • Pedals: Alloy Platform
  • Sprockets: 16T fixed cog / 16T freewheel
  • Chain: KMC S1
  • Wheels: Alex double wall rims, 32h
  • Brakes: Tektro R315. Brake Levers
  • Headset: Tange 1" threaded
  • Handlebar: Track alloy
  • Stem: Alloy quill, - 18° rise
  • Saddle: Retro rivet
  • Seatpost: Alloy aero, 27.2mm
  • Weight: 9.89Kg
black fuji feather road fixie bike red fuji feather bicycle

photo credit  Photo by @stvhwrd

The Ultimate City Fixie: The Fuji Feather

Best for Affordability

state bike co rigby bicycle

State Bicycle Co. - Rigby

  • Budget-friendly and stylish.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Easy mode switching.
  • Handles uneven surfaces well.
  • Assembly is generally simple.
  • Stock tires are narrower than claimed.
  • Pedals could be better.
  • May require professional assembly.
  • Slightly heavier build.
  • Brakes and seat could use an upgrade.
$400 from StateBikeCo

photo credit  Photo by

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Price
  • Overall

The State Bicycle Co's Rigby Core-Line is a standout in the single-speed bike market, especially for its price point under $400. The navy blue finish and silver components give it a sleek, stylish look that's hard to ignore.

What's more, the customization options are a dream. I opted for a front rack and was pleasantly surprised by the nine other customization options, from handlebars to pedals.

Switching between freewheel and fixed-gear modes is a breeze, thanks to the high-flange flip-flop rear hub. The ride quality is comfortable, and the bike handles uneven surfaces like a champ.

My regular riding route between home and the office is pretty varied. There are roads of high and low quality, footpaths, and many potholes. This bike takes it all like a champ.

However, it's not all smooth sailing. According to a lot of riders, the 28mm tires regularly measure just 26mm, which doesn't inspire confidence in other figures.

This might seem like a small detail, but it does affect the ride comfort of a bike like this. I also found the pedals to be a bit lacking in quality compared to the rest of the bike's components.

Assembly was straightforward for me, but if you're not handy with a wrench, you might want to consider professional assembly.

The bike isn't the lightest on the market, but what it lacks in weight, it makes up for in durability and ease of use.

The Rigby is a solid choice for anyone on a budget or just looking for an easy, low-maintenance bike. It's stylish, customizable, and performs well on the road, but be prepared to deal with minor issues like tire width and pedal quality.


  • Handlebar: Riser bar, 560mm
  • Saddle: PU urban saddle
  • Pedals: Wellgo plastic urban pedals
  • Wheels: 40mm deep-v wheel
  • Sprockets: 16t freewheel
  • Tires: 700x25c Kenda
wheels and drivetrain on the statebikeco rigby close up of the rigby fixie bike

photo credit  Photo by

2021 State Bicycle Core Line Rigby

fabricbike light fixed gear bike

FabricBike Light Fixed Gear Bike

  • Lightweight aluminum frame for agility.
  • Sleek design with polished welds.
  • Durable with stainless steel dropouts.
  • Fixed-gear setup not for everyone.
  • Racing tires may struggle on rough terrain.
  • May require professional assembly.
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  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Price
  • Overall

The FabricBike Light is a fixed-gear bicycle that captures the essence of urban cycling with its sleek design and lightweight frame. FabricBike's commitment to quality is evident in the bike's double-butted 6061 aluminum frame and fork, which promises both durability and agility.

The bike's aesthetic is refined with smooth, hand-polished welds and a hydro-formed down tube, appealing to riders who appreciate a bike that looks as good as it performs. It's these little touches that don't sound like much but they put the bike and brand above many others.

Yet, the FabricBike Light may not cater to every cyclist's needs. Its fixed-gear setup, while ideal for the purists, can be a challenge on hilly terrains and may deter those accustomed to multiple gears or the option to switch to a regular cassette.

The racing tires, perfect for smooth tarmac, may falter on wet or uneven roads, potentially compromising grip and rider safety.

This bike is a well-crafted machine suited for the style-conscious urban rider seeking a lightweight and nimble bike. However, its specialized features, such as the fixed-gear system and racing tires, may limit its versatility and appeal to a broader cycling audience.


  • Frame and Fork: Double-butted aerodynamic 6061 aluminum
  • Crankset: FabricBike Light, 165mm, 46T.
  • Grips: Pvc, 110 mm.
  • Bottom bracket: NECO
  • Stem: FabricBike 90mm.
  • Chain: KMC Z410.
  • Tyres: Kenda 700C x 25C
  • Wheelset: Alloy, Doble Wall, 43mm, 32H.
  • Brakeset: FabricBike x Promax®
  • Saddle: FabricBike
  • Gear: Flip Flop Hub freewheel 16 Teeth.
  • Total Weight: 9.45 Kg
fabricbike braking system wheels on the fabricbike light

Fixed gear bike - New FabricBike ORIGINAL

quella varsity road bike

Quella Varsity Cambridge Review

  • Timeless British design, visually appealing
  • Sturdy steel construction enhances longevity
  • Simplified maintenance due to fewer parts
  • Quality build with attention to detail
  • Variety of frame sizes for different riders
  • Brake pads may need frequent replacement.
  • Lacks advanced tech for performance riders.
  • Single-speed gear limits riding terrains.
  • Not suited for competitive cycling.
  • Some components may need upgrades.
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photo credit  Photo by

The Quella Varsity Collection single-speed bike, from the London-based Quella Bicycle, is a nod to classic cycling with a modern twist. Its steel frame ensures a ride that's both robust and smooth, making it a reliable choice for the daily commuter or weekend cruiser. The bike's minimalist design is not just for show; it reduces maintenance, making it a practical option for those who value simplicity and efficiency.

There are a few options named after different UK cities but we think the Cambridge version is the best option in 2024.

Despite its charm, the Varsity Collection may fall short for performance enthusiasts. The bike's brake system, while adequate, doesn't offer the quick responsiveness found in more advanced setups. Moreover, the bike's single-speed gearing is not ideal for hilly terrains or high-speed pursuits, potentially limiting its appeal to riders in varied landscapes.

In essence, the Quella Varsity Collection is a statement piece that doesn't compromise on quality. It's a bike that will turn heads and deliver a consistently pleasant ride. However, it's worth noting that the bike's pared-down features, while contributing to its aesthetic and ease of use, may not satisfy those seeking a high-performance ride.


  • Frame: Cro-mo 4130 Track Geometry
  • Forks: Cro-mo 4130 Track Profile
  • Crank: Quella Premium Vintage
  • Pedals: Wellgo Platform
  • Gear ratio: 44T/16T
  • Hubs: Joytech Flip/Flop
  • Rims: Quella 40mm Deep-V
  • Tyres: Kenda West 25c
  • Brakes: Radius Dual Pivot Calliper
  • Handlebars: Quella Premium Bullhorn
  • Stem: Quella Premium 90mm reach
  • Saddle: Quella Premium Varsity Body Geo Comfort Saddle
  • Seat Post: Micro Adjust 27.2
  • Headset: Quella CNC
  • Stand Over Height: 28.5″
  • Weight: 10 kg
camridge varsity quella bike quella cambridge road fixie bike

photo credit  Photo by

Quella Single Speed Varsity Collection - Oxford - From £499

Premium Pick

specialized langster premium fixed gear bike

Specialized Langster 2024 Fixie Bike

  • Versatile for both track and road
  • Stiff and responsive frame
  • Reasonable price point
  • Not ideal for commuting
  • Heavy steel frame option
  • Brakes lack finesse
$850 from Ebay

photo credit  Photo by DHbiker4life

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Price
  • Overall

The Specialized Langster is a versatile single-speed bike that appeals to both track racers and urban commuters. It features a stiff A1 Premium Aluminum frame coupled with a FACT carbon fork, providing sharp and precise handling.

The bike comes with a 48-tooth crank and long-reach brakes, making it adaptable for both track and road use. I loved testing this bike on smooth city streets.

However, the bike's track-specific geometry and handlebars may not be ideal for commuting. The aggressive racing position and brake placement can make daily rides uncomfortable. Additionally, the bike lacks features for attaching panniers or mudguards, limiting its utility for commuting.

The Langster also offers a steel frame version, which provides a more comfortable ride but adds to the bike's weight. The steel frame model weighs around 23.5 lbs (10.7 kg), which could be a drawback for those looking for a lightweight option.

The bike's braking system, while powerful, lacks finesse. The small brake levers make it challenging to apply brakes gradually, often resulting in an "all or nothing" stopping experience.

Despite these drawbacks, the Langster remains a solid choice for those looking for a single-speed bike that can transition between track and road. It's priced at around £550, which is reasonable given its features and build quality.

Specialized Langster Specifications:

  • Frame: Specialized A1 Premium Aluminium
  • Fork: Specialized Fact Carbon
  • Front: Axis Classic Track
  • Tyres: Specialized Espoir Sport
  • Crankset: Alloy, Square Taper, 48T
  • Bottom Bracket: Cr-Mo Axle, 68mm
  • Cassette: Joytech, Track Cog, 17t
  • Chain: KMC Z510HX
  • Brake Levers: Tektro, Forged Alloy, Ergo Design
  • Brakes: Tektro, Dual-Pivot, Long Reach
  • Handlebars: Specialized Langster Comp
  • Tape: Keirin, Kraton, 175mm
  • Stem: Specialized Comp Multi
  • Headset: 1-1/8", Integrated Sealed Cr-Mo
  • Saddle: Body Geometry Toupé Sport
  • Seatpost: Specialized Sport
specialized langster premium fixie bike langster chainring fast fixie bike

Specialized Langster Full Rebuild! Single-speed Bike Service!

What is a Fixie Bike?

A fixie bike, short for fixed-gear bicycle, is a back-to-basics ride that has become synonymous with urban cycling's minimalist subculture. Unlike standard road bikes, a fixie uses a drivetrain with a fixed sprocket, meaning the rear cog is directly tied to the motion of the pedals. This setup ensures that the cyclist must pedal whenever the bike is moving—coasting is not an option.

The absence of complexity is the fixie's hallmark. There are no gears to shift, fewer components to maintain, and a direct connection between rider and road. This simplicity offers a purist experience that can improve pedaling technique and increase workout intensity, as riders must use more muscle groups to control speed and handle the bike.

Riders often favor fixies for their lightweight frames and customization potential. With a fixed-gear bike, you're not just choosing a mode of transportation; you're selecting a companion that reflects personal style through custom paint jobs, unique wheelsets, and a plethora of handlebar shapes.

The fixie thrives in the urban landscape. Its pared-down mechanism gives seasoned cyclists a unique agility for weaving through city traffic. However, it's not for the faint-hearted or the inexperienced. Riding a fixie requires practice, as stopping means resisting the pedal's motion, often supplemented by a front brake. Despite these challenges, the fixie bike stands out as a celebrated emblem of contemporary cycling culture, combining efficiency, artistry, and physical engagement.

What to Look for When Buying Fixie Bikes?

When selecting the best fixie bike, there are several key factors to consider to ensure that you get a ride that suits your needs and style.

Frame Material

The frame is the heart of any bike, and with fixies, the material makes a difference. Steel frames are known for their durability and smooth ride due to their natural vibration-dampening properties. Aluminum frames are lighter and more rigid, offering a more responsive ride with quicker acceleration. Some high-end fixies might feature carbon or titanium frames, which are both light and strong but come at a premium.

Braking System

hope tech 4 mountain bike brakes

photo credit  Photo by ashmtnadv

Traditional fixies were brakeless, relying on the rider's skill to slow down by resisting the pedal movement. Modern fixie bikes often feature a front-wheel brake, which is crucial for safety, especially for beginners or city riding. A dual braking system (front and rear) provides additional control and conforms to the legal requirements of many regions.

Gear Ratio

The gear ratio on a fixie bike affects how easy it is to pedal. A lower gear ratio means less effort to pedal but a slower ride, while a higher ratio means more speed but requires more force to pedal. This is particularly important for a fixie since you can't shift gears to adjust your effort. Consider the terrain you'll be riding on; flatter areas can accommodate a higher gear ratio, while hilly regions might require a lower one to make climbing easier.

Price Range of Fixed-Gear Bikes

Unlike many mountain bikes, fixed-gear bikes have a fairly simple design. There are rarely any actual brakes, simple frames, and never any suspension, all of which drive the price up on other types of bikes.

The expensive parts of a fixie bike is the light frame and complex hubs, which are commonly set up to act as a brake when you stop pedaling.

I would expect to pay between $350 and $600 for an entry-level fixed-gear bike.

If I was advising an intermediate rider I would aim between $500 and $1,000. These prices overlap but many of these bikes are interchangeable for each group.

Advanced or professional riders will often build their own bikes but complete bikes are available over $1,000.

Best Fixed Gear Bike Brands

Fuji Bikes

fuji bikes logo

photo credit  Photo by

Fuji Bikes offers an enticing combination of affordability and reliability, exemplified by the Fuji Declaration, which is praised for being budget-friendly without sacrificing performance—one user even reported riding from Moscow to Helsinki without mechanical issues.

The aesthetic appeal is not left behind, as the Feather model boasts a striking design that merges retro charm with modern touches, catering to style-conscious riders.

Furthermore, Fuji's fixed gear bikes are lauded for their quality components, like the forged alloy track crank and sealed cartridge bearings on the 2016 Fuji Track, ensuring durability and smooth riding whether on the streets or at the velodrome.

Additionally, the Feather model is recognized for its classic track geometry, lightweight steel frame, and sophisticated styling, setting a standard for urban riding that is both performance-oriented and visually appealing.

State Bicycle Co.

state bikes logo

photo credit  Photo by

State Bicycle Co. is renowned for its high-quality fixed-gear bicycles, offering a wide array of customization options, from frame sizes to colors and components, allowing cyclists to tailor their bikes to their personal preferences.

They have earned a reputation for creating some of the most visually appealing bikes, emphasizing the blend of style and functionality, which has contributed to their strong following and social media presence.

Their bikes, especially the 4130 model, are acknowledged for providing great value, featuring mid-range components at a cost-effective price point and a weight that pleases enthusiasts.

State Bicycle Co. distinguishes itself with durable builds and unique collaborations, positioning the 4130 as an optimal choice for those seeking a balance of quality, price, and style.

The ethos of State Bicycle Co. is rider-focused, as the company's foundations lie in the cycling community, driving the creation of bikes that meet the practical and aesthetic standards of riders5.


specialized bikes logo

photo credit  Photo by

Specialized Bikes are celebrated for their commitment to quality, innovation, and durability, with a lifetime warranty supporting their bicycles, demonstrating their longevity and value retention. Their designs accommodate a range of cycling disciplines and terrains, ensuring that there is a Specialized bike suited for various riders' needs.

Other Options We Tested

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range for a fixed gear bike?

The price range for a fixed gear bike can vary widely, starting from around $200 for entry-level models and can exceed $1,000 for high-end or custom-built options.

What is a fixie bike used for?

A fixie bike is used for urban commuting, exercise, track racing, and by those who enjoy simple, lightweight bikes.

What happens if you stop pedaling on a fixed gear?

If you stopped pedalling but kept your feet on the pedals, most fixed gear bikes would skid. If you removed your feet then the wheel and pedals would keep turning. This is because most fixie bikes have their rear hub, wheel and pedals all connected.

Is a Fixed Gear Bike Road Legal?

A fixed gear bike is road legal as long as it meets the safety requirements of your local jurisdiction, which typically includes having at least one operational brake.

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