Mat Hoffman The Condor
Birth Date 09 Jan 1972
Nickname The Condor
Height 6 ft 0 in
Nationality American
Rider Type BMX

Meet Mat Hoffman, a name synonymous with BMX Freestyle and a man whose life is a testament to the power of passion and innovation in the world of BMX.

From breaking world records to breaking bones, Hoffman has done it all in his relentless pursuit of "big air".

Dive into the extraordinary journey of this BMX legend, entrepreneur, and cultural icon who believes he's just getting started. Here's to the man who redefined the sport and continues to inspire generations—Mat Hoffman.

Biography of Mat Hoffman (The Condor)

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Mat Hoffman, often dubbed the "Condor," is a living legend in the world of BMX Freestyle. Born in 1972 in Oklahoma City, Hoffman's BMX career took off at the age of 13, and by 16, he turned pro. Known for his audacious stunts and innovative tricks, he has broken over 21 bones, undergone 23 surgeries, and even been in a coma twice, all in the pursuit of "big air."

Hoffman's impact on BMX isn't limited to his riding; he's also a successful entrepreneur. By the age of 20, he founded Hoffman Promotions and Hoffman Bikes, companies that have been instrumental in shaping the sport. His business acumen extends to partnerships with ESPN and Activision, leading to televised BMX series and video games like "Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX."

The Oklahoma native has been a key player in popularizing BMX, creating the Bicycle Stunt (BS) Series and collaborating with ESPN for annual broadcasts. His influence even caught the attention of Hollywood, consulting for movies and starring in documentaries. Despite the physical toll, Hoffman's passion for BMX remains undiminished, embodying his belief that to taste all the pleasure and success, one must be prepared to take all the pain and failures too.

Hoffman's contributions to BMX extend beyond just riding and business. He's been a producer, director, and host for various BMX-related TV series. He also produced and co-hosted "Mat Hoffman's Evel Knievel Tribute," further solidifying his status as a BMX icon. His life and career were so impactful that he penned an autobiography, "The Ride of My Life," at the age of 30.

Mat is not just a BMX rider; he's a pioneer, an entrepreneur, and a symbol of relentless passion. His fearless approach to life and sport has made him a household name, not just in the BMX community but also in the mainstream. As he once said while accepting a Lifetime Achievement Award, "I feel like I'm just getting started. Here's to tomorrow."

Mat Hoffman Net Worth

Mat Hoffman, an iconic figure in the BMX world, boasts an impressive net worth of $20 million. As the President of Hoffman Bikes, he has significantly influenced the sport, particularly in vert ramp riding. His contributions extend beyond riding; he's actively involved in producing BMX Freestyle Competitions, Action Sports demonstrations, and video games. His reputation is further enhanced by his work with the "Jackass" series and his role as President of the International BMX Freestyle Federation. Known as "The Condor", Hoffman's multifaceted career has solidified his status as a BMX legend.

Rider Sponsors

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Early in Mat's career he was sponsored by Skyway and Haro Bikes. These were huge sponsorships and helped progress his early career.

In 1991 Mat launched his own brand, Hoffman Bikes. Since then the brand has done well and has been Mat's only sponsor. They now in fact sponsor other impressive riders around the world.

Mat Hoffman Signature BMX Parts

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Unlike most BMX rider profiles you'll see, Hoffman doesn't have any signature parts created by other companies.

His list is solely comprised of parts and bikes from his own brand. Hoffman Bikes sell everything from special edition complete bikes, to clothing, and most bike parts.

Signature Tricks

Hoffman has a very prestigious list of signature tricks he's curated over the years. Below are just a few of the huge, game-changing tricks he landed FIRST!

Competitions, Achievements and Accolades

As well as his insane signature tricks listed above, Hoffman was the high air world record holder between 2004 and 200. He cleared 26.5 feet above a 24-foot vert quarterpipe. The record was then broken with a height of 27 feet by Kevin Robinson.

The really impressive achievements come from his company, Hoffman Promotions and Hoffman Bikes. Two lines of bikes have come from the second company, one high-end and one beginner BMX.

Mat's Promotions company created many of the biggest organizations in BMX today. It started as Hoffman Sports Association, now the organizing body for freestyle BMX events worldwide, including the X-Games!

Hoffman was such a pioneer that he founded and is still the president of the International BMX Federation.

Mat isn't just great at creating companies and organizations. He backed it up with some tremendous performances at the X-Games throughout the late 90s and early 2000s.

The table below just goes to show how much of a dominant Vert rider Mat was in his prime.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mat Hoffman

How many surgeries has Mat Hoffman had?

Mat has destroyed his body over many years of BMX riding. His concussion count is in the 3 figures, he's had more than 300 stitches throughout his body and he's had a massive, 23 surgeries.

What tricks did Mat Hoffman Invent?

Mat Hoffman was one of the most prolific inventors of BMX tricks throughout the 80s, 90s and 2000s. The biggest tricks he invented were the 900 spin, Flair, and the Flip Fakie.

Videos Parts and Media

Hoffman has featured in several movies and TV shows, predominantly centred around BMX. He's also worked on his own and Tony Hawk's video games. An accomplishment not held by many BMX riders.


Video Games


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