ISSUE 9: The Weekly BMX and Dirt Jump Newsletter | March 2021

Hi Guys,

As you all know, news in the world of BMX and mountain biking hasn't been flourishing throughout the past year. Thankfully the weather is now getting better and people are receiving vaccines. It won't be long until all our favourite riders are back at full speed.

A lot of sponsorships have been taking place in recent months. Some of our favourite riders joining with innovative, progressive brands is great to see.

Michael Scott


After rising through the ranks, representing brands like Tall Order BMX and producing some great riding videos, Kieran Reilly has finally achieved the dream I think a lot of young riders have these days. He joined the Red Bull UK team.

As you can see in the video documenting the moment, Sebastian Keep was pulled in to surprise Reilly with the new Red Bull helmet. Also in the video you can see the progression Kieran has made over the years.

Take a look at the video below to see the reaction filmed by Tall Order BMX.

Another brand that really isn't a bad one to get an invitation to join is Profile. Their parts are top notch and the sturdiest you can buy. Tom Russell has announced he's joining the team recently.

RideUKBMX conducted an interview with Tom and got to hear his feelings about receiving the prestigious sponsorship and what he's thinking of kicking off the year with. I think some videos and parts might be on th way. Read the full interview below.

After more than 10 years of research and development WTP have finally released their Hybrid freecoaster. The target of this freecoaster is to simulate a cassette as close as possible while retaining the clutch functionality of a freecoaster.

A patented new technology called the double slack system has been implemented here. This allows for an adjustable and larger slack setting than and similar hub built before this. The MagnaDrive magnetic powered driver increases pawl retention and reduces the need for constant fine tuning.

A feature that's slowly becoming more popular is the ability to switch a freecoaster between a cassette and freecoaster. This is a great feature and gives you a vast amount of riding possibilities. After simply installing the cassette springs and retightening the hub you can ride this as you would a regular cassette. WTP go into more specifics with an article and video below.


Going pro while doing freestyle BMX has never been easy. It's almost a necessity nowadays to have a popular YouTube channel or Instagram account to get noticed. So many amazing riders will have been missed simply because they don't put themselves out there.

USA BMX Freestyle are aiming to make it easier for talented young riders to get noticed. With many staff members who have years of experience navigating the world of BMX sponsorships and competitions they're in a great spot to help out.

The association is responsible for hosting competitions, building parks and growing the sport throughout the USA. In 2021 the team are undertaking a big project to host some huge competitions specifically for beginners and amateurs. The first competition, hosted at Woodward, was a huge success and helped in getting some great amateur riders on the radar.

Throughout the rest of the year several more amateur competitions are being hosted throughout the country. If you think this might be for you check out the interview below.

Current day skate brand, Etnies and cult-classic BMX film RAD have teamed up and recently released their first RAD limited footwear and apparel collaboration. Both companies originally debuted 35 years ago in 1986 and this collaboration is a celebration of that.

These companies work very well together in this situation. RAD is an old but classic piece of BMX pop culture with an international following extremely interested in the work. Etnies provide the worldwide distribution and modern spin on the clothing.

The collection includes 2 different shoe styles, 4 short sleeve shirts, 2 long sleeved shirts, a hoodie as well as socks and hats. Take a look at the link below to learn more.


Another great video from the Drifter Snow Bikes crew. In the video is Dustin Cynganik riding a load of great slopes and technical pieces through the winter ski season. These specialised bikes are still pretty new but obviously super fun and add a completely new discipline of snow sports. Check the video out. It looks like great fun.

Alex Donnachie is a super talented rider. Managing to ride everything in pretty much every way possible. This street riding video showcases his vast riding ability. A lot of technical tricks with plenty of griding on anything, everything and in every direction.


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