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ISSUE 7: The Weekly BMX and Dirt Jump Newsletter | 16 March 2019

Hi Guys,

I'm sorry for the amount of time since the last newsletter. There's still been lots going on in the BMX world and I'm hoping to give you a run down of the best of it in todays newsletter. With the unfortunate rise in Coronavirus cases throughout the world more and more events are being cancelled. I'm hoping this doesn't result in less awesome biking videos from the riding community but I fear it might.

We'll continue to bring you the very best and most valuable pieces of content as often as possible.

As always, if you have anything to say about this week's newsletter please feel free to reply.

Have a great week!
Michael Scott


Coronavirus cases are rising rapidly the world over and with it comes cancellations, postponements and tonnes of bad news. In the BMX world it seems like X-Games might be the biggest event that has been cancelled.

"BMX tour life can be tough. For Vans’ team rider and consecutive BMX Pro Cup champion Larry Edgar, his high-flying antics require ultimate confidence that he’ll be supported when landing on sharp metal pedals or bailing on concrete. Fortunately, for Larry and BMX riders everywhere, Vans is proud to release the Old Skool Pro BMX in Larry Edgar’s very own black and yellow colorway.

At the shoe’s core is Vans’ Wafflecup BMX outsole technology, specifically designed to deliver a superior combination of pedalfeel, support, and durability. This iteration has been upgraded with Vans’ proprietary PopCush, a brand-new foam recipe, meticulously tuned for impact protection, cushioning, and custom energy return for every type of riding. Reinforced underlays in high-wear areas, otherwise known as Vans’ Duracap technology, adds unrivaled durability and prolongs the life of the shoe."


This little removable BMX e-bike kit has been causing quite the stir, with some riders loving the idea and some shredding it to bits. Naturally not everyone likes new stuff, and as riders ourselves we know that we are all pretty stuck in our ways sometimes. However, these guys aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel here - all this little black box does is get you from A to B without you having to pedal, saving your legs for the session.


Hastings shredder Stu Chisholm is the latest rider to be added to the stacked BSD Worldwide Crew. Stu who also rides for and works at Source was on the wildcard team with Denim Cox at Battle of Hastings last year.

Stu built up a sick trans turquoise Freedom and took it straight to that famous stair set in Hastings to do something nobody else had done yet...

Filmed by Ali Jassim and Peter Adam.

You can’t go wrong with some fresh Stevie Churchill footage. Here’s a new fan compilation of Instagram clips from street and park clips that he’s posted up as of late. Plenty of nose balance, grinds, flairs and more to check out in this BMX video. Take a peek!


Troy Lee Designs come up with some of the most stylish safety products and clothing for all cyclists, motorbikers and snow sports athletes. The TLD Air gloves are great for anyone from BMX racing to Downhill Mountain biking. They're lightweight, brilliantly designed and not too expensive.

These are the best gloves for mountain biking, BMX biking, scootering and motocross in 2020. Cycling gloves will help in harsh weather, prevent injuries when falling off and will provide extra, often much needed, grip when biking on any terrain.