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The BSD NASA rim, with its strong build and versatile design, is a reliable choice for BMX riders looking for a blend of durability and performance.

  • Category: Rim, Wheel
  • Price: $78
  • Material: 6066-T6
  • Outer Diameter: 419mm
  • ERD: 388mm
  • Width: 34mm
  • Strong 6066-T6 aluminum
  • Extra thick tapered sidewalls
  • Suitable for various riding styles
  • Attractive design
  • Limited color options
  • SLightly heavier than alternatives
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The BSD NASA BMX rim, known for its robust and versatile design, is highly regarded in the BMX community. It's the first rim in the BSD range, a brand celebrated for producing high-quality products. This rim stands out for its construction using 6066-T6 aluminum, a material that offers greater strength compared to the more commonly used 6061 alloy. This feature enhances both lateral and radial stiffness, making the rim a reliable choice for various BMX disciplines.

The rim's design includes an I-beam structure with extra thick tapered sidewalls, tapered spoke seats, and cross-over lacing, which contribute to its strength and durability. Additionally, it's designed to support crossover lacing on the spokes, ensuring high lateral strength. The rim weighs around 500g, balancing strength with a reasonable weight. It's available in three colors: black, polished, and chrome, with the chrome version being particularly notable for its aesthetic appeal.

BSD Nasa Specifications

  • Material: 6066-T6
  • Outer Diameter: 419mm
  • ERD: 388mm
  • Width: 34mm
  • Rim Height: 18mm
  • Weight: 550g

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silver bsd bmx nasa rim

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inner elastic of bsd bmx nasa rim


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