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Unite Components, New Mountain Bike Components

MICHAEL SCOTT    •    JUN 8 2017    •    Comments

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Unite Components are a fresh new company who have a genuine passion for mountain biking. They produce quality precision machined mountain bike parts on an international scale–with their base being one rural welsh border workshop.

They’ve constantly been working to design and produce high end, quality products which will stand the test of time–and the trail! The focus has been on providing quality via the materials and manufacturing process, which is kept as local as possible. They know you can’t polish a turd and that’s why they don’t start with one! Unlike some of the brands out there, they have spent time finding the right suppliers to guarantee consistently high-end raw materials; you can be sure no stone is left unturned. After all, pride and reputation matter and they sure don’t want to let you down.

Since the initial launch in 2016, Unite Components have continued to update the roster. We recently caught up with company owner Andrew Cooper to introduce the complete product range.

best mountain bike chain guard

Chain Guide

Our chain guide was released at the same time as our chain ring. The Compact Guide is a light, simple guide that offers excellent chain security and mud clearance with silent retention. The back plate is CNC machined from 6082 aluminium and the slider has been designed to offer the perfect balance between weight, chain retention and durability. The open design offers excellent mud clearance and is also suitable for oval chain rings.

The slider itself is CNC machined from a high-tech engineering plastic, which is not only incredibly strong but also offers excellent chemical resistance from bike cleaners/polishes and chain lubes. The use of two fitment points not only saves weight but also makes it possible to fit the chain-guide without removing the cranks. Because of the large array of different chain lines, we have designed our e-mount guide to include the use of spacers so that it will align perfectly with the chain. Stainless hardware and spacers are included as standard with both ISCG-05 and e-mount versions available.

mountain bike chain rings

Chain Rings

Our range of chain rings were our first products to hit the market and we wanted to make sure they can stand the test of time. They offer excellent chain retention, great mud clearance and longevity with a very high quality finish. Grip rings are CNC machined from 7075 aluminium (one of the hardest grades of aluminium available) and are then hard-anodised to create an even tougher, more durable finish. This’ll mean you don’t have to worry about rock strikes!

A large amount of wear occurs on the front face of chain rings due to the extreme chain-line caused by 1x set ups. The extra wide alternating tooth profile on ours improves both durability and retention. As chains begin to stretch they start to bind in certain places, damaging the chain and ring; our grip rings have specially machined recesses which help to prevent this damage, increasing the longevity of the chain ring and chain. The rear face carries very little of the wear from the chain ring and so has been heavily recessed to clear mud in some of the worst conditions.

headset spacers for mountain bikes

Headset Spacer

Our headset spacers are available in five different colours to spruce up your headset and stem. They add the extra bling factor and will keep your trusty steed looking fresh. We also offer matching top caps.

mountain bike linkage bolts

Santa Cruz Upper Linkage Bolts

A recent addition to the product range. Our linkage bolts are available in a range of four colours (which are designed to complement our headset spacers). With tough anodising, they’re guaranteed to spruce up your Santa Cruz and last through the elements.

mountain bike chain bash guide

Compact Bash Guide

The compact bash guide is newly developed and follows on from our initial chain guide. The specifications are the same, however, it also has an integrated bash plate designed to absorb all the hits on the trail. We now also offer the option of the stand-alone bash guard, too.

Feel free to visit if you fancy more of an insight into the company and the products on offer. If you fancy seeing their products in person, don’t forget to check out their dealership page to find your local stockist. Unite are also looking for worldwide distributors, so please get in touch if you think you can help.

To keep up with Unite's latest products, you can follow them on social media:
Instagram: @unitecomponents
Twitter: @unitecomponents
Facebook: Unite Components

unite mtb components
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