2nd June 2018        Michael Scott

best bmx stems

BMX stems! One of the most underappreciated bike parts I believe. I don’t blame people for not putting as much thought into BMX bike stems as they do when buying wheels or frames. Unless you’re an experienced rider who knows exactly what feel they need for their riding style or over six and a half feet tall the style and size of your stem won’t affect you much.

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27th Apr 2018        Michael Scott

best mountain bike brakes

Riding mountain bikes or downhill bikes is synonymous with speed and maybe a little bit of danger. This isn’t the type of speed you attain when riding road or racing bikes, this is muddy, wet and obstacle-ridden trails through deep forests. This situation calls for hard and fast stopping ability at all times. If you don’t have this topping power on your downhill mountain bike brakes then you may as well call yourself an ambulance now. When looking at the mountain bike and trail scene now you’ll be hard-pressed to find a downhill rider without two solid hydraulic brakes. They are the only thing reliable enough to always give you the power you need whenever you need it. Mechanical brakes have been left for the cheaper or kids mountain bikes, they just aren’t reliable enough and the quality isn’t high enough for the heat and stress they’ll be put through when riding all day.

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17th Feb 2018        Michael Scott        BMX

BMX plastic pegs

BMX pegs are a very important addition to a BMX bike for many riders. Many bikes actually coming accompanied by two or four pegs. If you’re getting into BMX, with the exception of maybe BMX jump riders, at some point you will probably have a quick ride on a bike with some pegs. It’s a great addition to a bike and can open your riding up to a whole new world of tricks and skills. I started riding with two pegs when I rode in a park. I did this mainly to learn stalls though it was a great experience to learn how to grind. Doing this definitely advanced my balancing ability, further progressing my skills in other areas of riding.

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19th Nov 2017        Michael Scott        BMX

BMX hub guards

BMX hub guards aren’t important to every BMX rider but for those that enjoy riding with pegs and don’t like to damage their frames or hubs then they are a good idea. Hub guards can be used on any of the 4 axles of a BMX. Flatland riders often ride with 4 pegs and therefore either 2 or 4 hub guards, depending on whether the rider is concerned about the bike forks. On the other hand, street and park riders regularly ride with just two pegs on their dominant side. This is done to save weight or just because if they rode with 4 pegs, one side would just never get used.

There are a couple of various types of hub and spoke guards that can be used on your BMX and we will look at some of the most popular bmx hub guards of 2018 in the list below.

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7th Nov 2017        Michael Scott        BMX

flatland bmx bikes

Flatland BMX is a riding style in the discipline of BMX. Flatland BMX is one of the less well known riding styles with fewer participants than than styles like street and park, though these riders are a usually very dedicated . This fact doesn’t mean flatland BMX is a bad riding style or one that isn’t amazing to watch and partake in. I do definitely believe it’s much harder to become proficient in the style of flatland and riders take a lot longer to build up an arsenal of tricks.

Flatland cycling is often described as an artistic form of cycling. A lot more expression and emotion can be shown through the use of tricks when riding this discipline. If you haven’t seen anyone perform a flatland bmx routine before it is a performance of artistic cycling and breakdancing that is done on flat surfaces, usually concrete, and in a place that doesn’t include ramps, jumps or rails.

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8th Sept 2016        Michael Scott        BMX

best bmx frames

Without a doubt the most vital part of a BMX bike. Many people don’t realise but hundreds of BMX frames are released every year in every colour, from matt black to oil slick, and in many different materials. Professional riders are getting signed and dropped constantly and a big thing they all love to do is create a signature frame. One of the newest and most controversial people to get signed and subsequently design a signature frame is Adam LZ. He runs his own BMX clothing company and YouTube channel called LZ BMX.

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4th Aug 2017        Michael Scott        BMX

fronthub bmx hubs

Behind the bike frame, I think that bike hubs are the most important part of a bike are it’s hubs. It’s the main connection between the frame and cockpit to the wheels and the floor. If you don’t have a good set of hubs you’ll be much more likely to break spokes or bend your rims. Cheap versions of bmx parts can be used quite effectively in a lot of places on a bmx bike but I would definitely advise against going the cheap route with a bmx hub. It doesn’t by any means need to be the most expensive or most complicated on this list but you should definitely think about the riding style you have and what hub will match that style the best. For example, if you’re a street rider, a freecoaster hub may be the best choice for you. On the other hand a dirt jump rider could never ride effectively with a freecoaster.

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21st July 2017        Michael Scott        BMX

best BMX grips 2018

BMX grips may not seem an important part of a bike when your building or upgrading your BMX but when you see the many different aspects a grip can have you may have a change of heart. Next time you’re looking at a new pair of bike or scooter grips make sure to look at the weight, colour, size, material and the small features that make it different from the others. Just looking at grips you wouldn’t be thinking about any of this, there are so many possibilities that I thought it would be useful to go through and make a list of my favourites, favourites of other riders online and just some good looking ones I have found along the way.

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20th March 2018        Michael Scott        BMX

best BMX fork 2018

You may be reading the title of this article and thinking “Why do I have to worry about what forks I ride, they aren’t important.” but they are in fact a very important part of your BMX. The best BMX forks will keep your bike light, strong, stable and comfortable to ride. When shopping for new bike forks it becomes hard to mistake any differences between each model. In the following list you’ll start to see that BMX forks do take a lot of thought and work to get right. A dirt jump rider won’t be able to ride at his best if he’s using a flatland style fork. For this example it’s because flatland riders like their forks to be right underneath their bars to make it easier for nose and spinning tricks. Dirt jump riders feel more stable and comfortable with larger angles.

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2nd June 2017        Michael Scott        BMX, MTB

best BMX hacks 2018

I always love to hear of a good new bike hack that I could use while riding. Some will help when cleaning my bikes, others for my downhill racing and some are just plain useful that everyone should use. I have tried to compile a list that doesn’t require too much DIY or modifications to your bike as not everyone is willing to spend that much time on something.

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8th June 2017        Michael Scott        MTB

unite mountain bike components

Unite Components are a fresh new company who have a genuine passion for mountain biking. They produce quality precision machined mountain bike parts on an international scale–with their base being one rural welsh border workshop.

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27th May 2017        Michael Scott        BMX

best BMX wheel 2017

The Best BMX Wheels of 2018 are getting harder and harder to find. With new developments always being released, the BMX wheel is getting more and more complicated. The rims are getting stronger, the hubs are getting smoother and the spokes are constantly getting stronger and lighter. Obviously the price of BMX wheels, along with these upgrades, is rising fast and making it harder to find the right wheel and to ensure it’s actually worth while. This post will talk you through the anatomy of a great wheel and then you’ll learn how to choose the right wheel for your riding style, experience level and budget.

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29th May 2017       Michael Scott        BMX

best BMX chains

As discussed on many forums, the KMC Z510 Chain is one of the best chains on the market. This chain is original, cheap and smooth, some of the most important things in a bike chain. Unfortunately for people running more of a dirt jump bike, they may not be able to use this chain as it has a max speed of 1 sprocket with 112 links....

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