Emblem Sweatshirt


Here is the Tresna - Emblem sweatshirt. This is another one of the earliest designs from Tresna so this design is sort of Tresna heritage. This fits into all of the rest of the sweatshirt designs because we aim to have designs that aren't just the same as everyone else produces but we actually like people to be intruiged by the intrecacy of the design. Avaliable in loads of great colours and the premium quality is great for the colder months.


How to Sell T-Shirts Online

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Top BMX Frames of 2016/2017

This list is definitely not a full list of every BMX frame or signature BMX frame made in 2016, although it’s some of the most popular and also my favourite frames of the past year. Count this article as a big 2016 BMX frame review.

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