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Social media advertising has become big business lately since there are so many people using them. it has become fairly easy to created these adverts and also your budget can go from as little as £0.01 up to the millions if you have that sort of budget. There are so many users on things like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that a companies whole advertising budget can be spent on social sites and reach the exact demographic they are looking for.


The best part of advertising on Facebook is the possible audience with, at the time of writing, over 1.55 billion monthly active users. This therefore puts you under the impression that if you advertise on Facebook then you are bound to get more interaction and better performance than other sites for the same amount of money, right?

Facebook Advertising

Well this isn't the case really. The metrics that the company provides regarding the performance of the advert are pretty small compared to other social media sites you can advertise on. Small business promotion is a great use for Facebook advertising. There are so many different people that use the platform that every business can easily find a suitable demographic to advertise to. Facebook offer a very varied amount of categories that you can use to tailor your advert specifically to the types of people you want to see it. Location, Gender, Age, Likes/Hobbies, Workplace, Education and even relationship status. This isn't unique to Facebook but it is a good feature to a lot of social media advertising. When creating your advert you are able to make several different specific layouts of the advert. You are able to change the images, text, target audience and budget. After launching all of the adverts the customised adverts are reviewed by Facebook or whatever social media platform you are using. The variations are then whittled down to just a couple of the top performing variations you created.


In many ways YouTube is the most comprehensive advertising tool due to the nature of the adverts and also the amount of people using the site. One out of every two people are said to use the site at least once a month. Unlike a lot of other sites you can advertise on, YouTube nearly purely uses video adverts before normal uploaded videos. Some people find it hard to fully take advantage of the advertising on YouTube. To be honest we have never advertised on the site. Google have so many tools that can be used for advertising. You have to set up and add an AdWords account to your YouTube account before being able to set up the advert. Just like most other social networks, you are able to tailor the target audience of the advert and change the settings of where, in what language and to whom your advert is shown. To those who need to manage the very fine details of their advert, they can. dates and times that the advert is being shown and on what videos is available. For Example: If your company sells t-shirt printing equipment then you may want to choose to advertise on videos that contain something within their description and title about clothing or t-shirt printing. Another example is that if you are selling a game such as Grand Theft Auto then you may want to advertise on gaming videos after 7:00PM on Weekdays when most people are probably watching. Device targeting is another great feature you can use. If you are advertising an iPhone app then you are probably going to want to target viewers using a tablet or smartphone. In summary YouTube is probably the most complicated platform to advertise on. After making your way through all of their settings you then have to make and upload a good enough video to attract customers to whatever it is you're advertising.


The user base is definitely the best part of LinkedIn. The people signed up to and using this service are basically all business professionals. You don't have to worry about targeting demographics as much on this site because most of the users have the same mind-set as you. This bumps up the conversion rates greatly and you may be much more successful advertising with them. You're definitely likely to get less clicks from these adverts but each one is likely to be much more successful. Users here are much more likely to purchase whatever it is that you're advertising. Unlike Facebook and Twitter where you pay as little as £0.20 per click but obviously the conversion rate is much lower. Sometimes as much as £6.00 can be spent per click on LinkedIn. If you think about this is could equal the same as Facebook because you get less clicks with more conversion but more expensive per click.


The advertising on Twitter is a lot like Facebook. Cheap cost per click and comprehensive settings allowing you to target who you want to target. Something great about this advertising techniques is that you can target one person that influences the business you're in largely or a specific sector. Advertising on twitter and Instagram are quite alike. Your advert looks very much like a normal post, only a few slight differences like being able to have links in the Instagram description and that it says 'Sponsored' on them. Unlike a lot of others, you are able to target users by the hashtags they write but you can't target a users specific interests unless it is through hashtags to do with that subject but them you might be targeting someone who is hating on the subject you are trying to sell to them.

Written By Michael Scott from Tresna Clothing


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