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search engine optimisation Search engine optimization is a very complicated part of launching a successful website. Having good SEO on a site basically means that your website is easily searchable through search engines like Google and Yahoo, therefore giving you a high page rank. When someone searches for an important keyword to do with your business your site is hopefully listed on one of the first pages.

Firstly making your site easily crawl able to these search engines is very important. If they find it hard to crawl through your websites and can’t find every link then it's likely that your site will be ranked lower.
A clear navigation is a good starting place for this because the crawlers can go through the website fast. If, whilst crawling your site, some of the links on your pages are broken and don’t lead to any legitimate pages then your whole site will be hit because there is no easy way through the site.

Web page titles are also a simple but important part of successful web design. One of the first things that Google sees when crawling your web pages is the titles of them. If Google can work out that they are descriptive, legitimate and will help the user know what the page is about then it is more likely to be ranked higher. Secondly if your titles describe the same thing as someone searches then Google is likely to rank you higher. For example if someone searches "Football" and your web address is www.football.com then it's likely you will be on the first few pages of the search.

Updating content is also useful for a well ranked website. If your site updates regularly like a blog then the search engine bots will continue returning to your site to see the changes. Blogs are often ranked highly within a search because they are usually updated every few days. The content can't just be a few words though, it has to be relevant and well written. Having a long article often usually includes a lot of your sites keywords because you are writing about your site. This is obviously great for ranking but you shouldn’t overload the page with keywords or the bots looking through your site will think that you are trying to scam their system.

Google Analytics: Technically this doesn’t help your search engine rankings but it can really help you understand the people using your website. All you have to do is implement the specific section of code that google provides you with on every page of your site you want to track and you will be able to go onto their site to view everything about your users. You can view the views on every page, the links that most users click on, the time they spend on each page and when they leave your site. Using all of this information, you are able to change very important things on your website to keep customers for longer, make them click on specific pages and links so that eventually you can sell more products.

When either you or the design team you used created your site you will have also created a sitemap that you also upload in your FTP server. Constantly updating your sitemap whenever you change your website will help more of your pages get indexed. If you created your website from just coding or on a program like Dreamweaver then you will have to personally create your sitemap yourself which can be tricky but you can generate one on a website like this www.xml-sitemaps.com and then just upload it. An easier method comes when you created your site on something like WordPress or wix where there is an inbuilt plugin that creates one for you.

Finally, this isn't something you can do within your site but it's another way of promoting your brand. If you get in contact with blogs that loosely fit around the message your brand gives and ask them to review your products or your brand as a whole. The blog is most likely to have a totally different and probably larger audience than yours and there may be many people within this audience that will be interested in purchasing products from your store. The beauty of having a blog review your products is that you will never normally have the chance of receiving these visitors if you hadn't had the review.

Currently we haven't been reviewed on many sites but we have a few: Hide Your Arms have written a review about us, Dopify Marketing has also written a review about us and also an Instagram post, @streetcentral on Instagram, among others have also given us a great shout out


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