2nd Sept 2016        Michael Scott        Clothing

Many people flirt with the idea of starting a clothing company. They toy with the idea until something else comes along. Cost and time are the two things that are always stopping people from pursuing this idea. There are so many angles to approach launching a clothing range. These range from spending loads of money and want things done in a short amount of time all the way to (and this is the way I have centered my brand) spending a little amount of money but spending a lot of time developing the brand. Both of these methods and every method in between all have many advantages and disadvantages and we will go through this later in the post.

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9th May 2016        Miles to Greg       Clothing

The reality of selling clothing to large clothing chains

When you start a brand, the dream of getting into stores is often at the top of the list of goals and jumping into wholesale too early can cause more problems than it’s worth. Below are some tips and questions to ask yourself to determine if you are ready. There’s a big difference between the random wholesale account and making a push with your brand into retail....

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11th Jan 2015       Michael Scott        Business

How to advertise on social media

Social media advertising has become big business lately since there are so many people using them. it has become fairly easy to created these adverts and also your budget can go from as little as £0.01 up to the millions if you have that sort of budget. There are so many users on things like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that a companies whole advertising budget can be spent on social sites and reach the exact demographic they are looking for.

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3rd July 2016        Miles to Greg       Business

What is a linesheet and what are they used for in a clothing company.

If you plan on selling wholesale, you have to have a line sheet or sales sheet as it can be called. I’ve searched around and there isn’t much good information really describing what these things are, so hopefully I can give you a better idea....

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27th Dec 2015       Michael Scott        Clothing

Some great examples of clothing packaging companies have used.

After purchasing a product from online the last thing you can do to increase the quality of experience is the packaging. You can prove your company to be up market and professional before the customer even sees your product. Many people may just use the simple plastic wallet inside an envelope to contain the garment or product because they are scared of ramping up the costs...

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