2nd Jan 2017        Michael Scott        Skateboarding

best skateboard grip tape 2017

It goes without saying that a skateboard without grip tape is barely ride-able. The purpose is to provide grip and ensure your feet don’t slip off the board when riding. There’s some great brands producing some great products in the skateboard grip tape market. Companies like Thrasher, MOB, Grizzly and Almost Skateboards lead this market and offer some great variations and designs that riders love. Besides the main brands there’s many independent enthusiasts designing and creating some incredible artwork and this article will curate the best designs from companies and other designers.

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29th Oct 2016        Michael Scott        Clothing, Business

How to sell t-shirts online to make money

Ever wondered how you could make a little cash on the side? Or how to sell t-shirts online? Well who hasn’t? Whether you thought about selling your services on Fiverr or Washed cars around your neighbourhood everyone has thought long and hard about how to make that extra cash to comfortably get you to the next payday. Many people have flirted with the idea of selling t-shirts online and at events.
Whether you’re thinking to yourself How do I sell t-shirts at events? Or how to make money selling t-shirts? Then this article is going let you know everything you need to know about the best methods to get started online.

You don’t need to be a top graphic designer, have tons of amazing ideas or even money, you can still get started and potentially become successful online selling printed products through your own online business.

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8th Sept 2016        Michael Scott        BMX

View the top BMX frames of 2016 and 17

Without a doubt the most vital part of a BMX bike. Many people don’t realise but hundreds of BMX frames are released every year in every colour, from matt black to oil slick, and in many different materials. Professional riders are getting
signed and dropped constantly and a big thing they all love to do is create a signature frame. One of the newest and most controversial people to get signed and subsequently design a signature frame is Adam LZ. He runs his own BMX clothing
company and YouTube channel called LZ BMX. This list is definitely not a full list of every BMX frame or signature BMX frame made in 2016, although it’s some of the most popular and also my favourite frames of the past year. Count this article as a big 2016 BMX frame review.

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